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Back in may I came up with this game. Just thought I would bring it back

The idea of this game is that there is one choice. You get given one option however there is always a
By this I mean something happens
something else also happens along with that

What you have to do?

All you need to do is decide whether or not you would have it if it was on offer to you. Then after that just give a simple reason as to why you would (if you can think of one). After that you can type down your own for someone else to decide on. The choice can be anything as long as it is suitable to be posted here. This can include things that would not be possible in real life such as having a superpower.

To makes things easier to understand here is the first one to start the game with.

You can have make any food you like appear in front of you just by saying what you would like to eat


You can no longer eat hot food. This means temperature and not how spicy

It all leads to
would you have that if it you could and why? Then make up your own. It's simple
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No need to bring it back as it never went away =)

Please click here.

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