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Hey! i recently started playing again after years & have better hardware than i did
when i was but a wee lad. I have a 4k monitor now & it's pretty hard to see the font
in the games chat window.

Is it possible to update the chat box in game?

I'd like to increase the font size so i can easily read it better, or change the background color
to black so the font can be read easily.

I tried changing my resolution but that doesn't seem to help
I've also tried changing the transparency to 0 so there's atleast the brown default background
that doesn't help much either.

~ Thanks!
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Halg Glandor

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The numbers on the items should be able to be bigger when you put your mouse on them. When you put your mouse on them a number should appear over it informing the player how many are on that stack instead of having the player get closer to their screen. It can be turned on in the setting tab.

25-Jun-2019 02:50:56

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