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Jul Member 2016


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PVP has long been broken with many bad mechanics. Today was no exception and it is the absolute final straw. I am quitting on both my accounts.

I was in rev caves, and I get D speared 4 spots into multi. As soon as i'm in multi, about 20 lvl 126's log in with a well orchestrated attack and Ancient mace me from 77 prayer to 0 prayer in one game tick. I lost an AGS, and I lost all my respect for this game. This is the second or third time this has happened to me. If Jagex can't even fix simple mechanics such as this then the game is dead to me. RIP wildy, RIP runescape.

20-Sep-2019 21:19:13

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Hello lolmemescape ~ Sorry to hear about your frustrations with PvP. Quitting threads aren't allowed on the forums because they typically are not constructive. Because of this, I've locked your thread.

all the best
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21-Sep-2019 15:42:13

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