Wilderness Lava stryke wyrms

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Sun Broseph
Aug Member 2019

Sun Broseph

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So I'm a bit tilted so this might be a be of a rant too. I've been farming strke wyrms for the crazy money they drop.

I've noticed all the PKers out there have a lvl 3 follower? is this just multi logging/cheating?

is there a way to mitigate this? maybe you could remove world hoping and access to the lobby from the wild forcing a full log out would at least slow these clowns down and make them play the game rather then the systems.

also if people have any tips for escaping PKers i'd be very interested freedom/surge doesn't seem to cut it anymore. I usually only wear dragon hides outside my 3 item limit is there something else cheap and more effect?

basically wondering what other strkewyrm farms use/do

04-Sep-2019 14:41:25



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To keep it simple, most pkers will have a low level account for skull tricking, this is not cheating its just another account. The mobile perk is great aswell as anticipate, freedom and surge. The run restoration effects of the Oo'glog pools is great for escaping - nulifies Morigans axe spec. Other then that just cycle through your defensives, shield switch (dark bow) is great for this. Try get gap and lobby, DO NOT RUN DOWN INTO THE MULTI COMBAT ZONE, run south west. And always have protect item on, bring a fury shark, have auto retaliate off, have left click attack off, and brink a p neck.

08-Sep-2019 00:35:54

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