Vis Wax Current Combination

Quick find code: 75-76-499-65579315

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Oct Member 2012


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I prefer yours to the other. It seems more accurate. Yours was the first that I came upon as well.
Hope you keep it going. Have never used the f/c. Thank you for all your hard work and effort if you decide not to continue.

27-Aug-2019 03:28:28

Razor John1
Sep Member 2016

Razor John1

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Hey 0vertime, I have used this thread for a long time but never wanted to clutter it with a thank you. However today, for every day that you have posted I want to say thank you. You are quick, accurate, and I like your format. If you start another thread I will continue to use it. If you choose not to, I still appreciate all your time and effort in making this thread full. Thanks again

27-Aug-2019 03:43:22

Flub Muffin
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Flub Muffin

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Overtime, Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to help longtime users such as myself. For selfish reasons, am hoping you continue on but understand if you need a break.

Thank you!!!

27-Aug-2019 03:50:55



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hey man,
first off thanx man for always updating the vis wax everyday, never failing to do so, i appreciate the hard work,
i hope you do choose to continue, i have this thread bookmarked to, its what i refer to everyday for vis wax!
again dude, thank u

27-Aug-2019 05:05:55

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Dear Overtime, I am so grateful for your every day post. I use them every day and I pe you decide to continue your daily posts on a new thread.

Thanks for your hard work.

27-Aug-2019 05:27:15

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Much appreciated, Overtime. :) I use what your post everyday. Thank you.



Updated August 31, 2019:
OVERTIME did start a new threat
His new thread:

"VisWaxFC" v2
Quick find code: 75-76-378-66118165

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