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I know many players are member, but for those who can't achieve members or enjoy the grind of f2p, I have created a friends chat to share Evil Tree locations and times. I still like to believe in the f2p community and want to be a part of making it better. You can find my fc (friend chat) under my name
. Once you come in, I hope you'll find a beginning f2p community dedicated and knowledgeable in finding Evil Trees. So lets get started!

Chat Rules

Runescape and Jagex rules are applicable, including seriously offensive language and racism. We are here to have fun and to share information.

2. Please be considerate to any ranks, or myself the owner and follow our discretion. To continue in obnoxious behavior of any kind will result in an
auto kick
and will be reported to Jagex. It may also lead to
permanent ban

3. Do NOT falsely report Evil Trees. Doing so continually will end in a
permanent ban

4. This FC will be dedicated to finding f2p Evil Trees. It is asked that you keep all questions to the topic of Evil Trees, and not other skilling questions.

5. If there is an issue with another player, please discuss it in pm respectfully rather than in the Friend Chat.

6. As each person may only do 2 Evil Trees per day, do not always expect to be handed out spawn locations. Help us help you by also scouting for Evil Trees, this is meant to be a community.

Evil Tree Tips and Locations

A dedicated f2p Evil Tree Guide is written by Street Wise, and can be found at this QFC

General Tips

~Evil Trees can only be done twice daily
~Evil Trees reset each day at 00:00 game time (UTC)

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Evil Tree Tips and Locations (continued)

~Growth times are world dependent so it is highly advised to world hop to find your desired tier of Evil Tree
To Have an Evil Tree Clock:
Click the Adventure Tab (Compass Icon) -> Minigames -> Evil Trees. In the Minigames and then specifically D&D interface, click on Evil Trees and mark as a favorite by clicking the star in a circle in the top right hand corner. Then go to Settings -> Gameplay -> Optional Interfaces to turn the UTC Clock on and check the box for "Show reset timers on game clock". Hover over the icon next to the game clock to see time until spawn or "ready".

~If an Evil Tree is nearby roots will pop up from the ground and distract your avatar and make your avatar say in the All Chat, "What was that?"
~Interacting with the Evil Tree in any capacity will count as 1 of your 2 daily (the exception being right clicking the Evil Tree and clicking "Inspect". This is to see what tier tree it is while it is not fully grown.

The Locations are as follows:
(Watch out for your character saying, "What was that?" near these locations from the roots that pop up and distract your avatar)
1. Draynor lodestone-Go northwest, not very far
2. South of Draynor Bank near the willows
3. West of Falador near the Witch's House (Having 5 Agility makes this easy as you can jump over the crumbling wall on the west side of Falador. You can train your agility at the course in Burthorpe for f2p'ers)
4. South of Edgeville Monastery (As soon as you step off the lodestone your avatar should be distracted)
4. Northeast-ish of Tolna's Rift, it is not very far from it
5. Behind Varrock Castle wall, and before the Wilderness line

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I personally follow the order in which I posted the locations- first teleport to the Draynor Lodestone. Usually immediately your character will say, "What was that?" upon stepping off the lodestone indicating an Evil Tree is there. If not, I run south of the Draynor Bank near the willows. Then teleport to Falador. With Falador, having a 5 agility is a must to climb over the crumbling wall in the west part of the wall south of Falador's Bank. Usually before you even climb over the crumbling wall, your avatar will be distracted. If not there, teleport to Edgeville and see if your avatar is distracted. With this one though I do recommend running a little south to check, if you are paranoid like me. Then teleport to Varrock and walk east around the city and check north of Tolna's Rift. I like to go and sit by the musician near here if the tree is not by Tolna's Rift as your running gauge should be low by now before running to the north side of the city.

For any other questions you may have, or for more tips, useful items, what the lightning strikes are, rewards, and required levels for Evil Trees, please visit here

Thank you for reading and hope to see you in my FC! Feel free to come in to ask any questions about Evil Trees or finding them as a group. Just input my name,
and let's find some trees!

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