Penguin Locations v551

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Recent World 60 Locations (v551):

1-pt penguins

- Mcgrubor's, bush - confined to Mcgrubor's wood - somewhere in the kingdom of Kandarin

- N/W Ardougne, bush - in Ardougne Castle, south wing - around Ardougne

- Observatory 'A', crate - at Ardougne Jade Vine mansion porch - around Ardougne

- Observatory 'B', crate - in the Clocktower, south of Ardougne - south of Ardougne

- Port Khazard, barrel - Ardougne market, northeast house - around Ardougne

All the above are still in these spots.

- Ape Atoll 'A', bush - in the hut, around the agility course
- where monkeys rule

- Ape Atoll 'B', bush - roaming around the agility course
- where monkeys rule

- Dragontooth, crate - confined to Dragontooth Isle - near the island of Dragontooth

- Jatizso, bush -
in the western anvil hut
- on islands where brothers quarrel

- Jatizso, rock - in the northeast guardtower - on islands where brothers quarrel

only change in chocolate

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