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1.1 *~* Welcome *~*

For the week of
Sept 18 - 24

Welcome to the thread for Team Penguin, the penguin and polar bear hunters.

Read post 1.6 for all the info on the ghost reward penguin!

If you just want the locations, go to post three.

This thread is for use by any player who hunts penguins and polar bears. It provides tips and tactics to make your hunt easier whether you hunt solo, with a group or on any world. It is also a place for all penguin hunters to gather and share ideas or help players find their spies. There is information for the beginner hunter and the more experienced.

Anyone may post any penguin location from any world on this thread. It can help all hunters.

The thread is also for the explicit use of its associated channels. It is recommended you join them to find up-to-date locations on all penguins. To join the Friends Chat (fc) you MUST be in World 60. This is the only world in which we hunt.

Non W60 locations are not allowed to be called in our fc, you may be kicked if you do so.

Post any world locations on this thread.

The FRIEND channels in order of use are:

- dedicated to ghost peng hunting


/ /


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1.2 *~* Table of Contents *~*

1.1 Welcome
1.2 Table of Contents
1.3 Locations
1.4 Starter’s Guide to Penguins
1.5 Guide to Polar Bears
1.6 Guide to Ghost Penguin
1.7 The Team Rules
1.8 I was Bumped/Kicked from Chat!
1.9 I Don't Do Quests! and Requirements
1.10 Clues and Reset points
2.1 How to Use the Friend Chat
2.2 Hunting Tips
2.3 Penguin Particulars
2.4 Helpful Hints
2.5 Level 3 FAQs
2.6 Wildy Spying Tips
2.7 Team Penguin
2.8 Team Penguin Tours
2.9 Team Friends and Events
2.10 Polar Points Scoreboard

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1.3 *~* Locations *~*


/ /

For the week of
Sept 18 - 24

1. Wizards' Tower Isle - Bush – 1 pt
Roam range:

2. Observatory - Crate – 1 pt
Roam range:

3. Eagles' Peak - Bush – 1 pt
Roam range:

4. Feldip - Rock – 1 pt
Roam range:

5. Lighthouse - Rock – 1 pt
Roam range: it cannot leave the area between the lighthouse and the broken bridge. It cannot enter the lighthouse.

6. Miscellania/Etceteria – Bush – 2 pts
Roam range: it cannot leave the islands but can travel between the two, into the castles and onto the docks. Fairy Ring code is CIP. This is a quest required peng.

7. Neitiznot - Rock - 2 pts
Roam range: it cannot leave the first island, look in the town or in the Yak pen. Take a boat from Rellekka.

8. Southern Desert - Cactus – 2pts
Roam range: It can roam anywhere in the desert. It cannot enter Shantay's pass or Sophanem.

9. Mos Le’ Harmless – Barrel – 2 pts
Roam range: it cannot leave the island. Travel here by boat from Port Phasmatys.

10. Ape Atoll - Bush - 2pts
Roam range: it cannot leave the city gates. Look near the temple. Take a glider from Gnome Stronghold or use the tele spell.

11. Wild - Rock – 2pts
Roam range: same range as any Pk’er in Wildy except it cannot enter Daemonheim.

Polar Bear - North Ardougne Well - 1 pt
The well is located near the Ardougne lodestone.
The bear cannot leave the well.


For Quest information please see post 9 below.

Please note:

You can only get 2 points upon completion of the Cold War Quest. Without it, all penguins are worth one point. The last penguin on the list can only be spied after completion of Back to the Freezer quest.

The given penguin name is where it originates. After reset penguins move and can be in different places on different world.

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1.4 *~* Starter’s Guide to Penguins *~*

* Speak to Larry or Chuck the polar bear (if you have completed the Hunt for Red Raktuber quest) at the Ardougne zoo if you have never hunted before.

* They will give you a notebook that's only needed for checking current penguin points and count.
Also use this to check if the penguins have reset for a new week (it will say 0 penguins spotted). You may have to log out and in again to clear your book if reset occurred while you were logged in. You don’t have to log in order to spy new penguins.

* You can ask them for clues as to where the penguins will generally be. If you are missing one penguin, asking them for a clue will not necessarily tell you the missing one.

* You can hunt 10 penguins per week, for a total of 15 points.
In order to get all 15 points, you need to complete the Cold War quest.
Without the quest you'll only get 1 point per penguin, for a total of 10 points.
Generally, harder to find penguins are worth 2 points and easier ones worth one.

* Some penguins may be located in quest required areas. Check the list here or the post 1.9 beforehand.

*~* The Rewards *~*

* Return to Larry at the zoo to claim your reward or if you have completed Hunt for Red Raktuber see Chuck the polar bear in the southern cage of the zoo.
You can also use the NPC contact spell if you are on Lunar magic.

* You may choose between coins or experience in any skill.

* For coins - you will receive 6.5k gp for each point.

* For xp - you will receive 25 times the level of the skill you choose, per point (i.e. level x 25 x points). This changes to 40 after completing Back to the Freezer Quest.

* You're allowed to save up to a max of 50 points before turning them in.

* All points accumulated are exchanged at the same time so choose wisely.

* Want to level more than one skill? You can turn in your points at anytime, just visit Larry or Chuck as you are spying.

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1.5 *~* Guide to Polar Bears *~*

This addition to Penguin Hide and Seek allows us to spy on one polar bear per week as well as the penguins. The polar bears are here to help us stop the evil penguin plans.

*~* Requirements *~*

* You must have completed the Cold War and Sea Slug quests as well have levels 38 Thieving, 45 Construction and 45 Hunter to start.

* You must speak to Larry at the Ardougne zoo to begin the quest, Hunt for Red Raktuber, and complete it in order to spy on polar bears.

* After the quest and for ever after you will speak to Chuck, a polar bear who is in a cage in the southern part of the Ardougne zoo. He will now give you your rewards and any clues you need.

* You will now be able to spy on one polar bear each week. The polar bear will be in a well somewhere in RS and cannot leave it. Here are the usual locations:

~ Rellekka
~ Falador, at chain mail shop
* North Ardougne Farm
~ Musa Point near the bar
~ Rimmington
~ Varrock east well, south of tea stall

*~* The Rewards *~*

* You will receive an additional point to use each week towards free xp or coin. This means there is now 16 points available to get each week. The same conditions as for penguins apply.

* You have access to a new hunting ground where you can set deadfall and net traps and also track penguins. It is located on an iceberg NE of the KGP Headquarters.

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1.6 *~* Guide to Ghost Penguin *~*

This penguin is one of the rewards after completing the quest Some Like it Cold. You may spy it once per week for 3 additional points.

*~* Requirements *~*

* You must have completed the quest Some Like it Cold. The requirements are; 65 Fishing, 56 Crafting, 50 Construction, 50 Thieving and completed the quest Hunt for Red Raktuber. Speak to polar bear Chuck at Ardougne zoo in order to start the quest.

* You need to wear the Ring of Visibility in order to see the penguin. You can see it with the ring without having completed the penguin quest but you will not be allowed to spy it. The message will be to complete the quest.

Desert Treasure quest requires; level 10 Slayer, 50 Firemaking, 50 Magic, 53 Thieving.
If you are only doing the quest for the ring, you need only complete as far as the Shadow Diamond portion to get it.

*If you have completed Fate of the Gods quest and afterwards visit the Empyrean Citadel throne room you can receive Sliske's gift: the ability to see into the Shadow Realm without the ring of visibility (requires completion of The General's Shadow and Ritual of the Mahjarrat). Then the Ring is no longer necessary to spy the ghost.

*** Particulars ***

* Chuck and Larry now give clues for this penguin since March 2017.

* The reward penguin does not show as a dot on the mini-map.

* Once spied, you can turn in your points with Chuck at the zoo as per usual.

* The maximum amount of points weekly is 19 until you do Back to the Freezer quest (21).

* The maximum amount of points to hold before turning in is still 50 so be sure you have enough leeway before spying.

* The examine is: License to Chill.

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1.7 *~* The Team Rules *~*

When entering our chat channels you agree to the rules we've set and realize they are there for a reason.
All JaGex game and forum rules naturally apply. In addition:

1. You must stay on world 60 within the chats at all times.

2. Do not hop into chats and announce you have found a penguin on another world. This thread is for all worlds, post your findings here. The fc is strictly World 60 only.

3. Respect the ranked members and all players using the chat channels.

4. No fighting.

5. No spamming.

6. Do not advertise or recruit for other clan chats.

We are not bound by Jagex reporting guidelines for removing players from our channels.

The rank will interpret what is or is not appropriate in chat for the betterment of all players and their decisions must be respected.

Anyone breaking our rules or Jagex rules, or in any way negatively affecting the chat, can/will be removed without warning.

If you repeatedly break our rules or spam constantly you will be added to the Ignore List and find yourself banned from entering the chats.

There is *No Tolerance* for rude, disrespectful behaviour and we do take names of offenders. We may also share them with other D&D groups.

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1.8 *~* I Was Bumped/Kicked from Chat! *~*

Here are the possible reasons why:

1. Random Bump:

When a ranked person enters any chat that is full (max capacity of friend chats is 100 people) someone will be randomly bumped to let them in.

If this was the reason, try to enter the chat again as you are not banned. People leave and join all the time.

Remember on busy days we also operate additional chats that hunt together.

2. Accidental and List Shifts:

Sometimes mistakes do happen and a person may be accidentally kicked. This may occur when a person above or below your name on the fc list was being kicked but the list moved and your name is clicked instead. This is unfortunate and not intentional and we take every precaution to ensure this is rare.

3. Actual Kicks:

If you break any of the fc rules or Jagex rules then you can be kicked with no warning. Our rules are set with people's enjoyment of the game in mind. We reserve the right to remove anyone in order to maintain order in the fc.

The Bottom Line:

You were Random Bumped if you can re-enter chat within minutes.

You were kicked if you are blocked for an hour.

Note: Repeated entry of the chat name in quick succession may also block you from joining a fc for a short while.

We are not a Team who kicks for no reason. We are a Team that wants to maintain a fun environment for people to hunt penguins and meet other players. The ranks that have the power to kick have been chosen carefully and proven themselves.

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1.9 *~* I Dont Do Quests! and the Requirements *~*

If you are a level 3, or you don’t do quests, there are 6 penguins to spy this week.

1. Wizard Tower – Bush
No Requirements.

2. Observatory - Crate
No requirements, but some aggressive monsters.

3. Eagles’ Peak – Bush
No Requirements.

4. Feldip Hills – Rock
No requirements, but plenty of aggressive monsters.

5. Lighthouse - Rock
No requirements, but to get there you must cross the basalt rocks north of the Barbarian Outpost.

6. Southern Desert – Cactus
No requirements, but plenty of aggressive monsters. Take full waterskins, a knife and some food.

*~* Quest Requirements *~*

1. Miscellania / Etceteria – Bush
Must have completed The Fremennik Trials.

The Fremennik Trials requires:
40 Crafting
40 Woodcutting
25 Fletching

2. Neitiznot – Rock
Must have started Fremennik Isles.

Fremennik Isles requires:
Completion of The Fremennik Trials
56 Woodcutting
46 Crafting
40 Agility
25 Fletching
20 Construction

3. Mos Le'Harmless – Barrel
Must have completed Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever requires:
Completion of Pirate's Treasure and Rum Deal
50 Smithing
50 Fishing
47 Prayer
45 Crafting
42 Agility
42 Slayer
40 Ranged
40 Farming
30 Fletching
30 Cooking
20 Strength
8 Herblore

4. Ape Atoll – Bush
Must have started Monkey Madness. It is strongly recommended that you spy this one as a monkey.
You *cannot* use the fairy ring (C-L-R) to access the whole of the Atoll if you do not have a small-ninja-monkey greegree and level 48 Agility.

Monkey Madness requires:
Completion of The Grand Tree
Completion of Tree Gnome Village
25 Agility

5. Wild – Rock
Must have completed Back to the Freezer.

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1.10 *~* Clues and Reset Points ***

A clue is not attached to a penguin but it is attached to an area that gets active when a penguin is there.

So a clue does not tell where a certain penguin is, it only tells that there is a penguin in that area.

The first clue below is for the respawn. The next are those of neighbouring areas that share a clue border.

For more clue discussion see QFC: 75-76-470-58336674
or click here

1. Wizards Tower
Respawn clue: where wizards study
Other common clues: in the kingdom of Misthalin, in the northern desert
Reset pt:
0d 54m S
20d 43m E
S side of the tower

2. Observatory
A roamer
Respawn clue: south of Ardougne
Reset pt:
1d 24m N
0d 00m E
N of the observatory, NW of goblin camp

3. Eagles’ Peak
A roamer
Respawn clue: where eagles fly
Reset pt:
11d 11m N
4d 01m W
N of ferrets

4. Feldip
A roamer
Respawn clue: near some ogres
Reset pt:
4d 50m S
5d 11m E
NW of Rantz on coast, near north cabbage spawn

5. Lighthouse
Respawn clue: between Fremennik and barbarians
Reset pt:
14d 30m N
2d 37m E
Just after the bridge on the second island

6. Miscellania/Etceteria
Respawn clue: on the island, etc.
Reset pt:
22d 11m N
2d 56m E
About 3 steps NW of the evergreen in the middle of the path

7. Neitiznot
Respawn clue: on islands where brothers quarrel
Reset pt:
19d 52m N
2d 35m W
SE corner by spinning wheel

8. Desert
Respawn clue: in the southern desert
Other common clue: in the northern desert
Reset pt:
5d 01m S
31d 01m E
S of the fairy ring that is N of Nardah

9. Mos Le’Harmless
Respawn clue: where pirates feel mostly harmless
Reset pt:
5d 00m S
40d 33m E
W of the distillery

10. Ape Atoll
Clue: where monkeys rule
Reset pt:
11d 5m S
11d 18m E
N of the temple

11. Wildy
Respawn clue: in the Wilderness
Reset pt:
20d 43m N
17d 13m E
Sw of the lava maze, E of the temple

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