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Froud said:
1 Point

1. Zanaris - Toadstool

- Confined to Zanaris
(currently by otherworldly beings)

Quest requirement: Complete Lost City

2. Lumber Yard - Crate

- Confined to Lumber Yard

3. Lumbridge - Toadstool

Trapped inside Varrock Palace garden, east of Varrock Palace
* Please spy away from the entrance * (per Hillmonger)

4. Barbarian Outpost - Bush

- 4. Barbarian Outpost - Bush
Bush penguin at the ZMI Altar. I assume it is no.4. (per Edith)

5. Observatory - Crate

- Trapped inside the Ardougne clocktower, south-west of the zoo
* Please keep doors closed *

2 Points

6. Castle Wars - Rock
Couldn't find.

7. Sophanem - Cactus

- Confined to area;
last spotted in temple east of pyramid plunder

Quest requirement: Start Icthlarin's Little Helper (or use either a Pharaoh's sceptre (“Jalsavrah”) teleport (level 21 thieving required) or, with help, he can be spied from outside Menaphos)

8. Ape Atoll - Bush

- Confined to area inside town; last spotted
near hut north of agility course

Quest requirement: Start Monkey Madness

9. Tyras Catapult - Toadstool

- Confined to area
Quest requirement: Start Regicide

10. Wilderness - Rock
Couldn't find.

11. Port Phasmatys - Barrel

- Confined inside of Port Phasmatys
Quest requirement: Complete Back to the Freezer

The polar bear (1 point) is inside

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