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(^_-)~*~BL~*~(-_^) Become a Legend with us! (^_-)~*~BL~*~(-_^)

Hello, and welcome to Become Legends recruitment thread. Your* either here looking for a clan, or just seeing what we are about, so here is a bit about us. This is a brand new clan, and although we are a new clan, we have high aspirations. We as a clan will continuously strive to be an active community clan involved with PVM and mini-game events. Our current community is tight-knit like a family and we are talkative in our clan chat. ( For the most part)

Citadel information:

Work is not required but appreciated.
Tier 1:
Avatars: 0(We will have 1 Avatar by 21/09/15 and are going to be a Tier 2)
Members - 13
Home world - 92 ( not required for the clan members to stay on it.)

Our clan offers: (Not required)

-Active Teamspeak
- Off site forums
- Clan Events
- Bossing
- Clan Competitions
- Skilling Guides
-Quest Help

Our Leadership:

Ruser - Clan Leader
Salix Leader
Dat Noble
LeaderCammi Leader

Our leaders have known each other for years and work well together. They are quick to resolve conflict and openly listen to suggestions. Our leaders also tend to be proactive and while they do act mature, they dont mind having a good time. If you ever need help the leadership will be happy to assist and even hope to get to know you on a personal level

.If you're interested in joining or have any questions, please pm a Leader or guest the cc.

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Our Ranking System:

1. Recruit: Entry level

2. Corporal: Once the member has been confirmed by the clan leader

3. Sergeant: After 2 weeks

4. Lieutenant: Activity in clan

5. Captain: Activity in clan

6. General: Activity in clan

7. Admin: Active, 3 stars in Citadel (is not exempt from 1-3)

8. Organizer: Voted in by the leaders (Overseer+)

9. Coordinator: Voted in by the leaders (Overseer+)

10. Overseer: Voted in by the leaders (Deputy Owner+)

11. Deputy Owner: Voted in by the leaders (Clan Leader)

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Duplicate thread closed.

Please remember that to be fair to all clans, each clan should only have one recruitment thread, posting the the forum that is the best fit for that clan. As your clan does not have a focus on a particular activity, the thread you have posted in the Recruitment - Social & Community Clans Forum is the better placed.

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