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Hello Guys and Girls!
Welcome to Flip 2 Win's new clan topic!

- Weekly Flip Lists
- Flipping/Merching Tips and Tricks Thread
- Group Merching

Our previous topic maxed out (Quick find code: 93-94-598-62396878)
So I made a new one - and it's up to date!

¸.•*´¨) Index

¸.•´ Page 1: Introduction
¸.•´ Page 2: Flipping In Basic
¸.•´ Page 3: Applying to join Flip 2 Win
¸.•´ Page 4: Clan Rules and Behavior
¸.•´ Page 5: The Ultimate Flipping Guide!
¸.•´ Page 6: Acronyms (Abbreviations)

» The whole ide and goal of this topic is first of to introduse you to this clan, but also to get ur started flipping with us - and hopfully end up with this great community! So i will give my very best! «

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¸.•*´¨) Page 1 • Introduction

¸.•´ Clan Stats & Info
Total Members:493
Total Level (average):1,720
Kill/Death Ratio (kdr):0.76
Total XP:12,432,537,483
Citadel Level:7

¸.•´ Leadership

• Owner & Founder
Epic Sm0ke

• Deputy Owners
Elf Archere
Robert Wrote
SouR Sm0ke

¸.•´ Flip 2 Win Officials
• Overseers
Epic Cabb4ge

• Coordinators

• Organisers
Aw Quiny
Metal Rocks
Iron Aiden

• Admins

When I start to speak of this clan, I speak from the bottom of my heart. The
community within Flip 2 Win is what I always needed to enjoy the game maximum! The community goes far back. One of many important clans in the past, we have the famous Chessy018's public clan. Personally I was ranked there (still are), so when I say that the core of this awesome community focused clan is by far based on good happenings around that and similar communities withing Runescape - I don't have to say much more. How this clan been organized and drifted from start, has always been a good starting point!

Even tho we are a clan but that doesn't mean we flip all together. Because that wouldn't not work out very well. We find items, exchange experience and knowledge
with each other, help out with any kind of things actually, but most important of all

We actually now do more than just flipping! We skill/flip/chat and also have amazing
events from time to time!

• Friends Chat: at the moment it's very inactive at times, but as our clan is maxed out, we want you all to use it as much as possible. You can ask in here to be invited if you don't manage to contact us in any other ways.

• Clan Chat: you can join as guest and ask to be invited
When a admin+ comes online, he/she can invite you into the main clan. We have been maxed on members for a longer time now but do update.

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Elf Archere

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¸.•*´¨) Page 2 • Flipping in basic
Basically, if you are trying to flip, you do not want your half of the deal to be the instant half because you could have gotten a better price by waiting.
Flipping is when you buy a item for a lower price than you are selling it for.
Example- if you buy a whip for 500k and sell it for 510k, you will make a profit of 10k.
It doesn't matter if the item is selling under or over the market pricethat GE is showing. When we flip, we'll usually buy 10 of the item, that we are flipping. We also sell that item as soon as we buy the item or items.
Why buy 10 only when I can afford a lot more?
Why do you sell in right after you buy the item?
And what does that mean?
It means that once you have purchased an item you can sell it straight after you bought it. If you buy the limit that are set on a item, you wont be able to buy a same amount until 4 hour later. This is what we call the GE penalty. Most comon items being flipped, have a max 10 per 4hr limit. There are some items that
you can do more or less than 10 in 4 hrs, ask a rank for those or look it up in the flip guide on page 7.
Ranks are here for ya so if questions are to be asked, answers are also to be given. We help out as good as we can, and Flip 2 Win has a solid and great group of ranks.
Merching can and are risky. When you flip, keep in mind that prices can change
randomly and quick so you will have to learn to make adjustments to each flip you do according to the current market conditions.
I hope to see you join this clan so you can see how awesome it is to be a part of it! In most cases those who join stays. Making money while hanging out with so many others to chat, chill, skill and make friends is a taste of heaven I dear state.

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Elf Archere

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¸.•*´¨) Page 3 • Applying to join Flip 2 Win

We are constantly looking for good members that manage to see the little extra that takes from a rank to make a difference. As you probably know by now Flip 2 Win can't add everyone so filling in this application form makes you a better candidate. Keep in mind tho* that his is not yet a mandatory requirement.
¸.•´Application Form´•.¸
Current Username:
Previous Username(s):
How long have you been playing Runescape?:
Are you femiliar with merchanting/flipping?:
Do you consider yourself an active player?:
Of all the clans out there, why us?:
Will you bump this clan page & flip guide when you are online?:
Will you respect the rules, ranks and other members?:
Previous Clan(s)?:
Anything you wanna add?:

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Elf Archere

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¸.•*´¨) Page 4 • Clan Rules & Behavior

Feel free to share anything with the clan, but we want a serious content to merching, and a mature behavior. We're all about the jokes and laugh of course, but just like there is a liimit on items in GE, there are to the rest.
• Respect the ranks and their athority -and any members
When you are spoken to you listen
• If you have ide's or experience that you wanna share with the rest of the clan - confront a one of the high ranks first. We don't want tips and ide's that result in mass losses or scamming.
• Please do not beg for money in clan chat.
• DO NOT abuse QUICKCHAT in the chat - it become very annoying and disturbing. You will be reminded about this in clan chat if you abuse it.
• Follow the rules of RuneScape at all times.
• If you got a problem with someone, try solve it at a lowest possible level.
• Don't ask for promotions
• If there's anything on your heart bothering you, come speak with us. Personally I handle the strange problems at times - so just come talk to us/me!
• Gambling or encouraging gambling, are strictly forbidden in our clan.

•.¸). Behalf of Flip 2 Win - in association with Elf Archere the rules and its contents can at any time be changed, for a better cause - "Flip 2 Win © 2012" .(¸.•

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¸.•*´¨) Page 6 • Acronyms (Abbreviations)

SOL - Staff of light
Ah - Ahrim
V - Verac
Dh - Dharok
K - Karil
D - Dragon
A or Arma - Armadyl helmet
B - Bandos
(Z) - Berserker
D Axe - Dragon Hatchet
Whip - Abyssal whip
Dbow - Dark bow
BGS - Bandos Godsword
AGS - Armadyl Godsword
ZGS - Zamorak Godsword
SGS - Saradomin Godsword
DFS - Dragonfire Shield
TASSY - Bandos Tassets
BCP - Bandos Chestplate
D2H - Dragon 2 handed sword
D claws - Dragon Claws
ZS - Zamorakian spear
MB - Mage Book
BCP - Bandos Chest Plate
ACP - Armadyl Chest Plate
APS - Armadyl Plateskirt
Guth- Guthan

Thanks for taking your time to read this!
Elf Archere
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