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Are name is actually a play on words with term "Jack of Trades". The reason for this is because this clan is not meant for one specific purpose (example: only PvP clan, etc.).

This clan is not tied to one specific type of gameplay. Therefore you are not tied down to one and only one kind of gameplay within our clan.

Me, Dpk24, am looking to expand this clan, and give everybody the opportunity to grow (even to Deputy Owners). I'm looking for people who would also be heads of certain aspects of the clan (e.g. PvP leader, PvM leader, Social Leader, Minigames, Quest etc.), or you can even just be a member, you don't have to be a leader.

Hopefully by doing this everybody will have the chance to participate in different aspects of the clan, and not have to worry about being in the wrong clan for something they want to do.

This is a mature, respectful community, and bullying of other game plays towards others will not be tolerated (e.g. by saying PvP is better than Social gaming).

I'm not posting any specific requirements for ranking up in the clan, because in the starting out of the clan, these requirements probably will not apply.

Are rules are simple, be respectful of others gameplay, obey Jagex rules, and respect the ranks above you.

Citadel Capping is not required.

As you can tell I'm being flexible in the starting out of this clan, and hope others can help shape what it will become.

You may respond to this thread, if you want to lead something in particular you can mention that, and as some of this time goes on we can evaluate that, and determine if you are the right fit.

You may also contact me in game.

- Dpk24

23-Sep-2015 14:59:59

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