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Double Drops or Double XP?

Jagex is big on giving. Each year we place a huge focus on ensuring we promote the charities close to our hearts. We're continuing this by offering our support to SpecialEffect: a small charity we worked with in November 2013 in conjunction with the Well of Goodwill.

SpecialEffect helps break down barriers into the gaming community for people with disabilities; using everything from modified joypads to eye control to help people to play to the very best of their abilities.

The thing that makes SpecialEffect extra special to us is that they’re bringing families and friends together, having a profoundly positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation.

You can find out more about the incredible work SpecialEffect does by visiting their website.

This year, SpecialEffect are hosting the GameBlast 2014 event: a 24 hour video games marathon that will really make a difference. During the weekend of 21-23 February they’re inviting everyone to have fun playing games for up to a whole day, while raising funds for people with disabilities.

We’ll be joining in the fun with our own 24 hour live stream, broadcast direct from the Jagex HQ. The stream will feature your favourite JMods and promises to be full of entertainment, excitement and enjoyment.

To make this weekend even more special we’re offering you the opportunity for a double drop or double XP weekend! On top of that, we’ll be reopening our community powered Well of Goodwill, allowing everyone to donate to the great cause we’re supporting.

A poll for a double XP or double drops weekend will go live on the 31st of January and will end on the 7th of February; be sure to get your vote in! We’re determined to make this as player lead as possible, making it a true community choice. If you’d prefer not to have any enhancements over the weekend, then you can vote for that too.

We'll be posting more juicy details on how exactly you can join in and get involved soon. You could be also in with a chance to join us and game for 24 hours live at the Jagex HQ - keep an eye on the news and the forums!

Things are moving quickly, so stay up to date on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and keeping an eye on the news feed.

See you at GameBlast!

Mod Jane
Community Management Team

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I'm maxed, suck at pvm, and don't have much to donate. Definitely a good cause so I should be able to throw in a few mil rs gold. Maybe I'll have some friends log in for once too.

Double drops is fairly unless you're good at bossing. I guess you could go do something like charm collecting. Killing stuff like dragons or frost dragons may be decent but that banking would suck. Might be a good chance to use up magic notes.

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If I had to choose one, double experience, please... double loot absolutely destroyed the price of Dragonfire shields (in conjunction with the Super Antifire) and Barrows items.

I'd rather it not happen again... the RS economy is already frail as is.
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29-Jan-2014 13:58:14

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This is a great charity to be involved in, we're super excited about it. Keep tuned to see how you could get even more involved! :)
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