Beware of the give away videos

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Dranzer 0
Aug Member 2019

Dranzer 0

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There are people spamming about a big give away and tell you to go to a youtube video that tells you to click the link more or less, and it brings you to a place that looks a lot like the runescape site,and it has you sign in like you would on here.
Do not click that link. I was a fool and my own greed caused me to get hacked. Oddly enough he mainly took my sarasword,brine sword,865k,warrior and seers rings, my 4-500 chaos runes,but he didn't take my full rune which is like a 100 something thousand and my mystic which is around the same value. He didn't take my wizard boots that are worth 300k. Ultimately I got off lucky. I am also missing 2k+ in bow strings. I'm just glad I don't have to completely start from scratch. Its just embarassing being a veteran ,and getting hacked like a noob. I went on osrs mobile this morning,and saw stuff missing,and figured it might be a glitch,and then I remembered the give away,and it all came together.

24-Sep-2019 00:23:16

FiFi LaFeles
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FiFi LaFeles

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I'm surprised that, as a vet, you haven't heard of this old chestnut before.

Hopefully you've remembered to change your password, do a malware scan and all the usual precautions.
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24-Sep-2019 00:55:37

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Runescape 101, never login to your account via some third party website that has you click a link to "get to" the runescape website. Also, red flag, why would a give away require to log into your account?

24-Sep-2019 05:47:15

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