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HazelmerePlz said:
Dong U Dead said:
I don't believe you are allowed to account share - I thought it was against the rules?? If you do, your account safety may be in jeopardy even if it's family members or someone you know very well. Not worth it.

In this particular instance, imagine a scenario; you try to log in, only to find out your 8 year old grandkid has changed your password and spunked your bank at the duel arena. Do you;

a) SWOT him
b) Write him out your will
c) Tell him he's adopted.

As a father to a 7 year old myself, i think id go with b. And to make matters worse, i'd leave my estate to Amnesty International. Have fun fighting that.

The latter doesn't work everywhere. In Belgium, half of your stuff goes to your kids, whether you want it or not. You can choose freely about the rest.
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21-Sep-2019 10:31:03

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Read the terms and conditions section 5 covering preteens and users under 18. It recommends that parents/guardians play together with their children who are under the age of 13. So I do not think what you are asking to do is considered "account sharing" though you could make them their own account to be sure.

The terms and conditions section 5 also has a link to their parent's guide. Which I think explains how to set strict chat features (like only allowing them to use quickchat) and use of the filter to censor questionable language.
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