New POH Styles + Change BGM

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I have some ideas for some additions to the construction skill. Minor stuff, but makes the POH ever so slightly more customizable.
The first idea is to have the ability to change the music that plays in your POH, both above ground and underground.
Right now "Home Sweet Home" plays by default, but players should have the ability to choose any BGM to play in their house, as long as they have unlocked it. So if you have the desert style (whitewashed stone) and want Al Kharid music to play, you should be able to set it to that. Or if you want Landlubber to play in your fancy whitewashed stone house, so be it.
Visiting players who have not unlocked the music you have playing in your POH will not unlock the music, for obvious reasons. They will still hear it though.
Players should have the option to set the music that plays on the above ground levels, but also be able to set a separate music track for the dungeon level.

My second idea is to add some extra POH styles. The current ones are getting old after seeing them in most POHs for 13 and a half years.

New style 1: Morytania. Makes your house look like it's in Canifis. Same wood style with a dark bluish-green grass color. Completion of Priest In Peril required to unlock this style.

New style 2: Wilderness. Makes your house look like it's in the wilderness bandit camp, with a very dark grey ground color and dark, burnt-looking stone making up your house's walls.

New style 3: Prifddinas. Makes your house look like it's in Prifddinas. Obviously. Completion of Song Of The Elves required to unlock this style.

Let me know what you think. This should be easy stuff to implement since it uses already existing assets.

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