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Im Tha MVP
Nov Member 2018

Im Tha MVP

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I have yet to fill up my friends list. When it comes to my ignore list, I have to delete several people just to be able to add more. could we possibly have an expansion on the ignore list? reporting website spamming ect. , really fills it up quick with a max of 400 users.

31-Oct-2019 18:26:27



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If it's possible for them to increase the iggy list... full support. =) "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" -Martin Luther King Jr.

31-Oct-2019 18:36:08



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Set friend chat to friend and your pm won't get spammed! Public chat can be set on hide so your chat bow won't get spammed! Who uses ignore list? You won't see the same guy or spammer anyway next day! My goals and achievements on F2P accounts! ---> Thread! <---

01-Nov-2019 22:46:16

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