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Hello everyone,

Hope all is well and thanks for taking the time to view this thread. I have a few suggestions that I feel will improve the overall quality of gameplay in OSRS. I know that the forums are filled with pessimists who love to shoot down virtually every idea that is suggested that isn't their own, so please try to keep an open mind while reading these ideas for improvement and understand that I am suggesting everything with the overall well-being of the game in mind. With that being said, lets jump into it.

1) The ability to borrow/lend items from/to another player
. This was a system that was implemented into RS3 a few years back that I found to be extremely helpful. Of course this concept comes with a time limit for how long the item is borrowed, set by the lender. Time for the lend should be in increments of hours between 1-160 which is a 1 hour up to a week.

2) A more sophisticated clan system
- Clan citadels were a great way to bring the clan together and to have all clan members working together to achieve a common goal which was to upgrade the citadel. Also, the ability to create custom ranks, or additional ranks would be nice as well.

3) PVP world minigame
- whether it be capture the flag, PVP world clue scrolls (idea in itself), bounty hunter, or some sort of king of the hill type game, I feel like the PvP worlds need something to revamp their place in the game, particularly in multi zones. PvP throughout the entire map is too fun of a concept for it to be as under utilized as it is.

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citadels was one of the updates that punished people for playing the way the game was designed. The majority of players are soloist and the citadels were part of the system that gave clan people a huge advantage in leveling. You could not compete as a soloist.

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GP FarmerDun

GP FarmerDun

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1. I'm not even gonna fucking bother responding to that. It's blatantly obvious that this is a complete troll suggestion similar to SoF and isn't worth taking the bait for. Nice try though.

2. That's what they fucking have planned. Did you even watch Runefest or read any of the dev blogs recently? This is under way.

3. No support. PvP worlds need to be deleted. I'd gladly support something like that inside of the wilderness though. The wilderness is where proper PKing is supposed to happen since you can't just safe by a bank.
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