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Mithyr Sar
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Mithyr Sar

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[1/5]This is long. There is much to discuss.

"Account temporarily banned for macroing in RuneScape."

Actually, two accounts were banned at the same time. I've invested far too much in these to risk a ban. Both are high level, both as secure as the game lets me make them. Both having spent a costly amount to unlock cosmetics and to play the lotteries with keys and spins to get uniques and skilling aids. Both having spent considerable real world time grinding, by hand, no automation employed, even if available.

Now, two accounts were banned at the same time, but I have another that wasn't. Why those two?

"Our macro detection system has been monitoring your account closely and has detected that you are using illegal 3rd party software which violates the rules of the game and breaches your terms of service with Jagex."

I know what macro recorders/players are and have used them in other applications. These were not "botting apps for game 'X'." There might be an archive copy of such a program on my NAS backup, though the last computer I used that on and the apps I used it for are years gone by now. I have not had even the need to look for updated versions and no computer I've played Runescape on for years has had any such thing installed. The second banned account wasn't even at member status until after the computer and software in question were shelved.

I have not ever used in Runescape/for playing Runescape illegal 3rd party software which violates the rules of the game or breaches my terms of service with Jagex.

All the key presses, all the mouse moves and clicks, all the touchscreen taps and drags, on each and every computer, tablet, and phone I've played on, were mine and not the output of any macro app.

23-Jan-2020 03:06:55

Mithyr Sar
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Mithyr Sar

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{2/5]And "monitoring my accounts closely" brings me back to "why just those two accounts?" That isn't what the rules say would happen. I have read the rules, several times, before and after the self-assured suggestion at the bottom to "Please take this time to familiarise yourself with the rules." Although I did check them again since I was previously familiar, I spent more time being personally offended, angry, and victimized, as well as reevaluating the faith I was trying to maintain in Jagex to almost no faith at all.

"Our team have reviewed the evidence and can confirm that you were using illegal botting software."

This statement is suspect. I only have my information which I am certain of and can at least validate the current existence and state of. In order to keep a bot scanning system secret I'd also expect not to find out anything about this suspect information or suspect confirmation. Any such confirmation is not validated by my experience and system software inventory and installation records.

Also, I don't play in any client except the one provided by Jagex, unmodified, except as updated by Jagex. I've also used the authentication system ever since the incident where my Yahoo e-mail account which Jagex had requested to compliment my profile was compromised and used to hack my main account. This led to the most faith increasing event with Jagex I've ever experienced where after providing ownership proof, I got the account back the same day long before the bank pin would change and only lost port resources that took 8 months to regenerate and still don't have the pin on them to this day.

23-Jan-2020 03:07:16

Mithyr Sar
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Mithyr Sar

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[3/5]I have played for over thirteen years this way, following the rules, with one very different exception. The one time accrued a warning level. Though I might have contested it, it was just and I understand the difference. I shouldn't have checked how the language filter could be bypassed in public but I said something aloud before new rules and filtering went into effect and was heard and reported. This made sense, even back then. However, this ban does not. I have never used software that would simulate input or 'bot'

"Jagex are able to accurately detect all illegal 3rd party software and any promises from their makers about being 'totally undetectable' or 'no ban guaranteed' are inaccurate."

I couldn't care less what bot software makers say because I do not and never plan to use their products, much less their viruses, trojans or other exploits. On the other hand, while being an excellent marketing and managerial statement, being able to "accurately detect all" is too close to a perfect condition which in programming of a certain complexity almost never really exists. Then there is the other extreme that if software of any kind used for detection of any kind is very likely to detect all cases, it is also far more likely to issue some false positive results, just so that result being as close to "nothing is missed" can be realized. Then, in cases where human validation must verify results, humans can be wrong, tired, passively accepting of automated reporting, or any number of other failings. It's only human. Doesn't every software entity need bug reporting personnel, tools and/or forums for every system it produces and most especially it's security and rule adherence routines?

23-Jan-2020 03:07:35

Mithyr Sar
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Mithyr Sar

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{4/5]"As such your account has been temporarily removed from the game."

It's much more than that. I did not bot, or macro, or any other equivalent name for it, in my time playing Runescape on any account and on every device I've played. At best, these are false flags. That being the case, the ban directly stole two days of my year prepaid premier membership. Because I have put so much time into this game, being approximately 99% percent of my free waking hours, I do many things that are timely, those are now lost, and that's lost time/lost money as well. The flag and ban which I will go on now calling the mistake, is still persistent. The game removal has lapsed, but since I did not do what I was accused of, I can't change anything to fix the mistake. Fixing the mistake is out of my hands. With the mistake being accepted in game by Jagex as absolute and unquestioned, the mark on my accounts in the conduct record is now extremely likely to cause a permanent ban because of further false flag incidents. Since it happened before, it is almost a certainty to happen again. So in being persistent, and not being able to resolve this myself, I can't play the game anymore. Even though I've played lawfully for years, even though I just paid for another year of membership and have several months of prepaid membership in my billing on the older account.

These days, these accounts, all my invested time and money, are all lost because the bot detection system is faulty. I can't speak to other individual cases and I would bet it's worked thousands of times, but it's failed me, and failed me hard. I must assume everyone playing the game is at risk. I would strongly urge others to be aware of this weakness since it pertains to everyone in the game.

23-Jan-2020 03:07:56

Mithyr Sar
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Mithyr Sar

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[5/5]I have appeals in place on both accounts. This does not do well or engender faith considering the time to address is 14 days from when I issued them and the offense of a "bot busting moderate" ban is considered unappealable.

I must have help from Jagex to sort this out, if it can be sorted out. If I can't get help, it ends...canceling all accounts and subscriptions and forwarding requests for refunds of all unutilized assets. My investment is not a small claim, both fiduciary and emotionally, not that the bot busters care or understand. I don't know if anyone that reads this will understand. I couldn't even try to start writing this in the first two days considering the emotions at play. Given the daily part of my life I've let this game become, unhealthy or not, it's too much not to try to hope for a resolution. So hope is my weakness.

If anyone out there knows a way to help raise this up to get attention I would greatly appreciate it.

Mithyr Sar
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23-Jan-2020 03:08:15

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This thread has been moved to the Community Led Account Help Forum

Mithyr Sar said:
[5/5]I have appeals in place on both accounts.

If you've made your appeal through the Account Bans page in the Support Centre, then you will need to wait until Jagex reviews the accounts and gets back to you with their decision.

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
Account issues? ---> See Account Help

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If they were temp bans (48 hours) then you are in with the 2 percent of bans that
get this temp ban. Most get perma banned straight up.

jagex wont tell you what they saw or even when (bans can happen weeks after
an offense). They keep this private so bot makers wont be able to make better
Anything you think may look like a macro, save to a disk if you think you may
need it one day and take it off your computer.
macros to by pass the system.

If Temp banned....
You will be back in the game before you hear anything but your bans could be
'quashed" meaning they are off your account.. when you look into your account
section the ban will be there but beside it will say quashed. Then the other
option is appeal denied meaning they think you could be using a macro.
But no matter the outcome the ban and outcome will always be associated with
your account. By the time your account is appeal 3 diff jmods have looked at the
digital record to see if they think you are macroing or not.

The main thing here, imo, is that you make sure there is nothing on your computer
that jagex bot detection could see as a macro. i have seen people say that they
took ad-ons from world of warcraft off and then no more bans. I have seen
people say work related material was taken off computer and no more bans.

You also have things like mice and keyboards that can be programmed to do
more than 1 thing with 1 click. Just make sure you havent accidently did that.

If you appealed then that is all you can do. If you contact them on twitter.. they
say go to ban appeal section of the support pages and appeal. if you contact
them on discord or any other social media that will also be the same answer.

And Jmods rarely post on the forums and no one really knows how much they

I hope this has given you some insight into how these are handled.

And i wish you the very best.

The richest person is not who has the most. It is who Needs the least.

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Mithyr Sar
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Mithyr Sar

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The accounts are playable, and i couldnt post on the forum without the bans lifted, but now instead of playing for fun, i play under the fear of another false flag and then a permanent ban as Ladyolake stated above that happens to most?

Now i'm moved to community help, where other ban messages have already been told theres no jmods that look here.

Since perm bans don't get to post in jagex forum anymore, how do we know how common this is? After all, most bans should be just, actual cases of macro program abuses.

These messages are common enough in reddits in the wild but a lot of those were using non jagex clients and searching them all has been slow going.

23-Jan-2020 17:07:43

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