just got scamm :D

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23-Jan-2020 15:18:47

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi alvigane.

I've moved your thread to the Community Led Account Help forum where it'll be easier to get you the advice you need.

First of all, please secure your PC, email and Runescape accounts using the advice here:
Keeping your email secure

I'm afraid Jagex do not return items lost to hijackers or scammers. That policy and the reasons behind it are explained here:
Lost Items
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23-Jan-2020 15:27:17

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The opening post quoted with the email address removed, as that should never be posted on the public forums:
alvigane said:
someone whit e-mail
[Redacted] scamm me and ja lost 300m :D

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23-Jan-2020 22:02:29

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