Implings for Comp Cape

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Hi not sure if this is the right place.

But does any one have any tips on catching these Implings : Dragon

Ive been playing on and off since '08 and have never come across a kingly or dragon impling.

I have also camped the VoS Hours and hopped over 100 world in the gorajo resource dungeon to no avail :(

24-Dec-2018 21:24:01

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With the addition of the Player-Owned Farm, you can make Extreme Hunter Potions (or buy them/the ingredients, etc).

Catching the implings isn't a problem. Finding them is the hard part...

From what I've read, Crystal imps can only be found within the city of Prifddinis. (though I've yet to see one myself)

As for Dragon and Kingly, it's random... though I found Kingly around the Canifis mushroom patch, and Dragon past the dungeoneering door in the Al Kharid mine.

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