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Recent World 60 Locations, Mel's list reposted:

-- Entrana Barrel - roaming north isle, last seen near the dungeon ladder
-- Mudskipper Bush – roaming hobgoblin peninnsula west of crafting guild
-- Rellekka Rock – in Rellekka Cow Pen. Please spy over the fence.

-- Brimhaven Bush – giant scorpion gold mine peninnsula west of Brimhaven

-- Gnome Maze Bush – in Ardougne castle south wing
-- Castle Wars (Freezer Peng) Rock - near west side of bridge to incandescent wisp colony

-- Canifis/Haunted Woods Crate - roaming haunted woods near to Canifis last report
-- Mort Myre Bush - in the Slayer Tower

-- Sophanem Cactus - roaming south of Menaphos bridge and temple of dead near luminous wisps

-- Wild A Rock - at the Deserted Keep (Ardougne/Edgeville lever)
-- Wild B Rock - at the Deserted Keep (Ardougne/Edgeville lever)

Polar Bear - Ardougne Well, north of the lodestone

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