Lost all items while not skull

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Hey all, just back into rs after 10 years and while training prayer at chaos alter I was attacked and killed, I lost all my items even though I wasn’t skulled, I thought you wouldn’t like Olsen 3 most expensive items ? I was wearing bandos top bottom and 2h sword....
Has the item limit can changed or is this a bug ?

22-Dec-2018 02:25:05

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It hasn't changed, you just somehow skulled.The altar is multi, and id bet it wasn't a solo pker, so you likely skulled on the other person somehow. Also no reason to wear that while doing prayer(its multi zone, u get tbed ur gonna die regardless since youll have no food and you have a bit of a run to the ditch), especially just coming back to runescape and not knowing eoc. That's the risk you take doing it in wildy to try and get a bit more xp/h in an already super fast skill. Next time just turn auto retal off, don't click or do anything, just let yourself die and you wont be skull tricked in any kind of way. "Vitalis"- Pvm/Social/Community clan, 2.6k total req to join. Join today :)

22-Dec-2018 02:35:02

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