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Well of Goodwill - New Charities

Since the Well of Goodwill went live, the response from the RuneScape community has been staggering. Almost 10,000 of you have contributed so far, to a total of 240 billion in-game gold and over 4700 Bonds - that's more than $46,000 for charity already!

Huge thanks to everyone who's contributed so far! There are still 15 days to go, though, so if you haven't already, get involved! Drop your spare gold, items and Bonds into the Well of Goodwill just south of the Grand Exchange - and encourage your friends to do the same!

Today, we're adding to the list of charities that will benefit from November's donations: the Disaster Emergency Committee's Philippines Typhoon Appeal, and HART:

Philippines Typhoon Appeal

Typhoon Haiyan was 300 miles across when it struck the Philippines on the 8th of November and one of the most intense tropical storms to ever make landfall anywhere in the world. There are millions of people who have been affected, including hundreds of thousands who have been forced from their homes. Those who have survived now need urgent help including emergency shelter, clean water and food.


HART is 'not just another aid organisation'. It is distinctive in that it combines aid with advocacy, working for people suffering from oppression, exploitation and persecution who are generally not served by major aid organisations, and are off the radar screen of international media.

For full details on the charities benefitting from your donations, visit the Well of Goodwill page.

Remember - for any in-game items, gold or Bonds that you deposit into the Well of Goodwill before the end of November, we'll contribute money to charity. We'll give $1 for every 10 million in-game gold (or items of equivalent value) that are donated, and $4.70 for every Bond. It's a great way to give without denting your wallet, and it helps the RuneScape economy too. As a bonus, there are three in-game titles to earn:

  • The Wishful: Any donation.

  • The Generous: 10,000,000 total gold value donated.

  • The Charitable: 1,000,000,000 total gold value donated.

Once again, huge thanks for your generosity so far. Keep on giving!

The RuneScape Team

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Good for you Jagex! Im glad you added the Philippine one, they certainly need the help.

Hmm, second post.

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I thought this was going to be a permanent thing? oh well...

Still cant donate in good consonance while IWF is there. Ped____ (word censored) and child abuse is far too often used as an excuse for internet censorship, which effects far more then their target and is too much of a dangerous tool in governments hands. Much like terrorism, its used as a cheap emotional appeal. ("non-photographic" content is rather questionable too...disturbing though images can be, when no child is actually involved in the creation, thats really not even remotely the same ballpark of 'crime' )

Remember, IWF has in the past blocked random w*kipedia articals, amongst many other random things - while I am sure they are well intentioned, their morality does not necessarily equate to yours.

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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this is not what we want, i joined in to one of the Biggest groups of people near the well world 1 the other Day angry about this

i thought after the sof or sGs Jagex said they not doing anymore updates like this
this would be ok out the game But this makes everything more worthless in our Banks

sorry we can Not agree on this But everything i got in my bank worth so little nowdays (ps only item gone up in price for a bit is ashes) 25 coins something like 2009/2010

also i got a question when will the candy cane be worth something in game xmas 2009? i might sell it? good idea here make nontradeable stuff worth something even if it worth 1 coin

ps, making 1m is hard Jagex makes it sound so easy nowdays

sorry i like helping people and everything out in the world but this should not be a in game thing why not sell Raffle Tickets at Runefest or in public for these Different Charities like i doing at home for Different charities

sorry but they getting less and less like these ideas

ps where the halloween event? a idea maybe a web city with lots of spiders

some ideas are Great and good

also make sof more f2p as we not get anything with the days spin if this is for f2p aswell as members if not get this sof off my screen as it hard to see and play the Game

sorry but this player can not take much more Runescape near to 90% less busy worlds as once sorry but i feel more can be done to us players one great thing thanks with the Runefest live stream great idea :)

great but more can be Done Runescape Goodluck Jagex ;):)

wow 1st page:)
why most people Bullying me , ( i Get Told To learn English when i am ,learn to spell when i can , also Get Told To Not Beg when i am Not , Told Not To Troll when i Don't ) and i Don't Have many friends (why No one like Me) But This is Not Rubbish it's the Truth sadly.

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Could a JaGex Mod please look into my case?

I donated some money to the Well, but I got kicked from game before I could choose my charity. I can't pick no more, so I essentially just dropped money down the Well without the ability to choose.

Could you allow me to pick? Otherwise, I'm not going to use that feature any more cause I'll probably get kicked again.
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15-Nov-2013 14:26:16

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