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DevBlog: Youtube and E-Zines

A fledgling community is always something that has to be carefully looked after. If it gets too much attention it can be stifled, not enough and it will be starved. Itĺs a fine balancing act and over the last few weeks we have been slowly adding more and more community features such as Facebook and G+, easy methods to submit poll questions, in game community events and so on.

I think we are at the stage where we can start offering to support the community with some new features as well as give you the opportunity to get more involved.


Letĺs start with Youtube, we will shortly be launching an Old School Youtube Channel dedicated to finding the best Old School videos and sharing them with you. This is a great opportunity for fledgling and experienced video makers to get their work seen by a wider audience. Here we could really use your help, if you know of any cool Old School videos, please send a link here so we can see them.

We shall be working with our existing video makers to see what content we can make to aid video makers in Old School as well as regularly meeting with them to ensure that the video community has all it needs to make some really cool videos.

We also want to utilize streaming much more and with the first streaming event at 6:30pm today, we are well on the way to getting there. Please do tune in here and let us know what you think.


Okay, so it may sound like an animated film starring a robotic superhero, but it is really a magazine available on the internet. I am sure you have all seen them, you are gamers after all. We think it is about time we had our own and we think you should play an integral part of making it.
We are looking at several software options which will allow you to apply to become a contributor and everything you write will be put out to the community. The best articles will be selected to be highlighted in an interactive E-Zine. This means that everything you write will be put out to the community so it all has value.

The details of how you can apply to become a contributor will be made available next week.

As with everything we do with Old School, the community is at the center of it so please tell us if there is something you would like to see introduced for the community.

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