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Iron 1965
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Iron 1965

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My nominations for the month:

Peep of Month:
Punky and Nessy - different timezones but always a bright light in the cc

Aley - always has a boss in sight ;-)

There are so many nice and helpful people in cc so its difficult to single out one. There are also many many peeps that whack those bosses relentlessly so also there it is difficult to single out. But a selection has to be done for a nomination and those are my nominations.

29-Sep-2020 19:33:30

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Peep Awards


For the month of September

Peep(s) of the Month
Nessykins & Punky

Vexiest Peep

PvM Peep

Skiller Peep
Iron 1965 & The Stephen

Congratulations to our winners and thank you for all those who submitted nominations!

01-Oct-2020 21:13:32

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