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Keep all irrelevant commentary to yourself, especially those of you who are scared to initiate negotiations.

Send me a pm with colour and price(s)
-offer is not a price
. I do not get offended by offers or asking prices. If your ask is within reasonable range of my ideal price/or if I am convinced to increase, then I'll accept or counter. If not, then I will just respectfully decline.

Looking to buy one of the following hats:

Blue 38.5-39.5

- PM price
White 33-34.5




Not looking for these hats in particular but feel free to reach out with a price


If you are looking to upgrade/downgrade or do a multi-phat trade then pm me as well with the details-in the case of ug/dgs, I will come up with a proposal or ask you to do so;
do not ask me how much I value each individual item (this is not relevant to offers in which I am only offering shards/gp.

If you need platinum tokens for your item(s) do pm

Asking for a high number just because you don't want to say your price will not get you a better offer. Likewise, asking me to offer or what my max is will not get you a better offer, and just reduces my willingness to negotiate (i.e., to pay more than my ideal price).
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