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I don't particularly mind the new slayer task tables as they are right now after the 17th update. I used to use Nieve exclusively like the majority of players before, and most would agree that Duradel before the update was very bad. I've done some calculations and after my 5 blocks they are both mostly the same now with Duradel being a slight favor for me, although Nieve before was better than either now. Some of them like improving the boss, abyssal, and dark beast rates on Duradel are welcomed.

I get it that some slayer monsters should be assigned rarely even if they aren't very good xp or money, like Kurasks and Zygos. But some like Scabarites and Waterfiends seem very odd to have assigned.

I'm concerned about whether touching the task tables is going to become a common thing now when there is even the slightest whining. Changing blocks costs 100 slayer points every time, and it's likely that I'll have to move a few blocks around every table update. There isn't really a way to fix this in game, so limiting the number of updates would be best.

The update of grouping all Spirituals into a single block can't come soon enough either. I'm curious how their weighting currently works. Kieran has them grouped together for both Nieve and Duradel as a single task to be assigned, yet in game they are assigned individually with their own blocks. Does each spiritual task type have its own weighting, or is one of them assigned at random when a spiritual task is given? If they are assigned at random on a spiritual task, then wouldn't that make blocking only one or two of them completely worthless since you're going to get one regardless?
I imagine all of that becomes moot once the block update comes though.

21-Sep-2015 04:46:20

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