Dev Blog: Theatre of Blood

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This thread is for discussion on the latest news post, which can be found here.

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Looks decent, this. Although the balancing of having more melee weapons over ranged for things like PvP is slightly concerning; seems like dejavu with rs3. Don't click the spoiler below.
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The Justiciar armour seems a bit overpowered. I think it's better to make the defensive stats the same as the current BIS for that attackstyle and keeping the reduction boost. Or keep the stats without the boost, or maybe a lower percentage.

The rest of the dev blog looks good.

07-Mar-2018 14:56:55

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Judgement seems really weak with the prayer drain effect. The defence reduction should be enough, otherwise this will only ever be used for dwh specs, which would be pretty lame.

07-Mar-2018 15:00:18

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Doesn't feel like range/mage+def combo pots should come from raids 2. just like super combat does not come from any type of boss content.
Wish you instead rereleased ingredients for a super range/mage potion.
Vigour is fine
super pray potion seems just weak. make it more about renewal instead of giving you any pp to start with. should be 50pp over the course of 5 mins in my opinion.

Infernal defender is great

judgement pray scroll is too punishing. should use same amount of pp as having a normal protect overhead prayer. the 50% def decrease is penalty enough.

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boring in my opinion. same as trident with a tiny bit of hp renewal.

rapier is disappointing. I reckon this is main attraction. but in light of tent it doesn't attract too much. just make it 1 tick slower in pvp to solve any power creep. should be closer to the original chaotic rapier stat wise (this means 94 stab and 101str). this rapier should be tier 80 and be just about same dps as blowpipe running on dragon darts. this to ensure the exclusivity and price of the item.

justicier armour is ok i suppose but it remains unpractical for current bosses. I notice it has poor mage defense, and sense it will have the same faith as bulwark.

range gloves are fine

scythe is decent, but should not require any charging. dont think raids rewards should require any sort of charging and degrading effects.

these rewards to not meet my exceptions and do not live up to the rewards of raids 1.
raids 1 rewards were game changing. twisted bow, rigour, dragon claws and more. These rewards are copies of existing content like tent whip, trident, super cb pot and a few other very niche items. dont see the same value in these items as from raids 1. was hoping for soul split, rapier with better stats, magic wep more in line with storm of armadyl (to match the dps of bp)(dont be afraid to put the wrath runes into good use), and other game changing spicy items.

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The scythe requires 75 Attack and 75 Strength to wield and has two variants, and uncharged and charged version. The uncharged version has relatively low stats, but once charged, gains additional bonuses. Charging the scythe costs 1/100th of a Vial of blood and 3 Blood runes, meaning 100 charges would cost a full Vial of blood and 300 Blood runes.

What is scythes maximum charge? If it is only, 100 it is trash.

07-Mar-2018 15:18:55

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