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Seems like an awful idea. I can already hear the slayer task or get out teams forming. This would be nice if instanced for ironmen but would also make bosses that previously didnt have tasks for them much much easier. Solo raids as a task seems like a terrible idea as well. Picking a task would make me think people would camp the profitable ones till the end of time. Just update the old RDT or make the wealth actually make drops better rather than removing empty spaces.
Hard no for almost all of this. Not really anything in it I would vote yes for. It would just make bossing easier and more camped than it already is.

17-Jul-2020 11:37:56

Dr Strange
Feb Member 2020

Dr Strange

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I love the update thus far , however i do not like idea of the Alchemical Hydra will be polled separate , this is a boss Slayer Master at the end of the day , and im against it being polled for it since it should be included with the master , it doesnt make sense to me. But anyways i will vote for it . Thank You

17-Jul-2020 15:11:20

Sep Member 2020


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This is a huge update and if it goes ahead should have huge requirements.
I believe someone said about turning into easyscape and for sure this update would make bossing easier.
In turn thins will result in a decrease in value of items since more will be coming into the game.
I agree also with alchemical hydra being separate as it is a slayer master specific boss.
Also with corporeal beast being included in the mix
When i say huge requirements I mean 95 slayer. 75 is way to low for something this powerful and should be earnt. Not given. If not 95 then 92 at least! Scrap the combat requirement.

Blood rune packs aren’t such a good idea as they will devalue runecrafting however forcing them to be bought with Tokkul would be useful for those doing fire/infernal cape on iron men for sure.
High level content for High skill leveled players. Come on jagex.

18-Jul-2020 08:17:25

Ownage Omg
Oct Member 2020

Ownage Omg

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Moon Sky said:
I think wilderness bosses should always be a free skip
Ya let's just make it even easier to get boss tasks we actually want like GWD right?
Starphase said:
I absolutely love this idea, and everything about it. It's what PvMer's have been asking for a long time.
No it isn't lmfao. Have you seen Reddit/Twitter?

All of you people who support this update have little to no boss KC's as of right now. I haven't played on this account in 3 years and I still have higher KC's than all of you noobs supporting this garbage idea.

The only way this update could work is if Slayer helm is disabled or it requires 99 Slayer.

18-Jul-2020 15:23:44 - Last edited on 18-Jul-2020 15:27:28 by Ownage Omg

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I have never used the forums before. I finally decided to use them now just to hope I can cast a big NO to this slayer boss update. Why? Simply because is NOT needed. Doesn't matter how balanced Jagex is planning to make it, it is something players haven't even asked for, why try to change it? I'm sure there are actual issues in the game already that require priority over something that is not broken like the slayer skill.

19-Jul-2020 00:06:02



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I don't see the point, it would be way too overpowered. If people want to do these bosses they can do them off task. Already pretty much all combat is done through slayer, which shouldn't be the case. This would basically mean everyone will only do the boss if they're on task. It will also ruin things like Hydra where getting the task is rare, which makes it interesting and helps the loot maintain value.

20-Jul-2020 02:10:17

Jul Member 2019


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In my 7 years faithfully playing OSRS I have never been so STRONGLY opposed to an update. All other updates had merit and many redeeming aspects, even the proposed skills; but this idea makes zero sense and has strictly detrimental implications for the game.
Also, the "Turael skipping bad" is a baseless argument. Since when does every PvM encounter in the game require a black mask bonus? WHY? There's no answer to that. Huge no from me (but thanks, devs :))

20-Jul-2020 20:43:24 - Last edited on 20-Jul-2020 20:44:13 by rdrluvr77

Jan Member 2019


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I've recently read about the potential for a new slayer master being boss only. Hearing this could be a thing is absolutely amazing if you ask me. It has been something alot of players and myself have been wanting for a long time! I really hope this goes through. Although someone was telling me there is some debate in it actually happening. I really hope this is not the case. I hope to either hear thoughts or see a poll soon if possible. Thanks for reading!

23-Jul-2020 11:56:09

Aug Member 2019


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I watched one of your most recent Mod casts and I was disappointed to hear that the Boss Slayer Master update was going to be shelved. This was due to negative community feedback? I can see how some players may view this update as a bit overpowered but surely there can be things that can be done to balance it. A gentleman on here gave a couple of suggestions like the Slayer helm being disabled or the requirement of having 99 Slayer, or maybe even limit the Boss Tasks to 1 Boss Task per week, with 1 skip per week or even a combination of these suggestions could work. For example, the Slayer helm could be disabled, there could be a fairly high Slayer level requirement alongside the very limited 1 boss task per week. I think this would greatly help balance an update like this.

I was also very excited to hear about a rework to the outdated Rare Drop Table. I think most of the community will agree with me when I say that this is something we want. Of course, we wouldn't want it to be overpowered by any means, no game-changing drops or anything like that but loot that would feel more rewarding than what we currently have. For example, I got 2 back to back Dragon Spear drops from Zulrah a few weeks ago, their drop rates being 1/9,929, and their value of 38k each. For something that is so rare, I was frustrated in receiving these drops because if I'm going to get that lucky it should be for something that's worth it, something of decent value. Maybe this is something that can be revisited in the near future.

Anyways you guys are doing a fantastic job, keep it up!

27-Jul-2020 01:22:48

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