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Now that I've had a chance to do it for a bit, several concerns:

A: Assuming 60 contracts per hour, you get 240 points per hour doing expert contracts. This number is likely a very liberal estimate (too high). Since the outfit costs 2k points, this would be an absurd 8+ hours for the outfit at the *expert* level. Shouldn't it be like... 12 hours for noob contracts, 10 hours for novice, 8 hours for adept, 6 hours expert? Or maybe less? But as is, it is ridiculous for just the stupid outfit alone.

B: Assuming 60 contracts an hour and an average of 12 mahog planks burned per house, this is like 225k xp/hr and 1.5m cost. That is wayyyyy too much xp if you're not trying to ruin construction like you did firemaking with wintertodt. At straight level 70, why wouldn't someone do this (~6.5gp/xp) and get their outfit over conventional training?

C: Norman's place is bugged out as hell, neighboring house will show furniture spots and they bug in and out depending on proximity to house. Usually fixed by going upstairs.

P.S. If the stupid community won't vote no to updates with no clear xp rates/information, then you as a company need to have the *integrity* you claimed to have back when osrs started up to not put out a poll until you come out with enough information. Also, the fact that this was released so soon after being polled raises all too many red flags.
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26-Aug-2020 12:21:30

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so unless there's some weird "bonus points" you get at a certain number of contracts, the low reward of points seems like unlocking just the outfit alone will be a chore, assuming at best you have all the supplies you need and don't have to make runs to the GE/sawmill to get planks in between the rewards seem pretty lackluster overall since we all know a 2.5% xp boost outfit won't be worth it much like any of the other outfits.

I also don't see why the Contractor's aren't restricted to the city you're in. It would make sense that if I pick up a contract in Varrock, I'd get a house in Varrock to fix up, not Ardougne.
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26-Aug-2020 14:54:46

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"RuneScape, the only place where you fix a broken mirror by repeatedly smashing it with a hammer!"

By all means, I'm glad it came out this fast. When I first saw the news about it weeks ago, I thought it was a release announcement already.

I see it partially became how it feared and instead of any NPC could require repairs, there are designated ones specifically for this content, often repeating. I kept doing adept tasks for some 2-3 hours (this time included the miniquest) and I needed just teak planks and a bit of metal, complete with a lot of predefined clicking. I hoped there would be some minigame about it, chance to do it better or worse or at least to need to think, but oh well.

It's still on my good side by far. Finally I have another way of train Con besides Tears of Guthix. Don't misunderstand, I WAS burning a lot of time and money with furniture remove/build and I customized my house just enough nicely. But after a certain time and money spent (reaching lvl 51 or 55 or so), I decided my level was high enough to stay with Tears of Guthix. Until today.

27-Aug-2020 22:42:29

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CapitalPain said:
whos gonna run around doing constuction for 125kexp when can get that in 10mins lol and just do some vorkath

Stop listening to the noobs. Make it consistent or its dead content

I don't know many, i've been doing it and i'm having a hell of a good time! I'm literally only grinding for the Blueprint. idc about the exp, but i've gotten 3 construction levels getting the sack and now grinding for the blueprint. If it's supposed to be about "EXP" then They did it wrong. I think it's fune.

28-Aug-2020 12:58:53

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I just passed 250 contracts this morning. I was more skeptical at first but this is some solid content. I only have 2 suggestions:

The points are still a bit slow. I'm on day 4 of 2-3 hrs of contracts a day and I'm still at 1000/2850 total points needed for the uniques minus the wall kit. I started at 86 construction and I will likely pass 90 while working on the outfit. It's just that at an upper limit of ~240 points an hour without missing a tick, you're not going to be doing this any less than 10 hours.
Perhaps, add in bonus points for every 50 contracts. Doesn't have to be massive. You can also "refund" points to everyone more easily this way, as you can base it on the contract completion counter in game.

Other materials: It was mentioned we would be able to use soft clay and molten glass for certain items, as others have pointed out. I know some folks would prefer to avoid added complexity but I believe it would add valuable diversity to the hours-long grind. I noticed that there is at least 1 or 2 more vacant houses that can be used in each city--perhaps those materials can be used in an expansion? Another idea: Create "Master" contracts that require level 90, and perhaps a small number of pts to unlock or something. Make the reward 5 points (instead of 4) and introduce soft clay and molten glass to those contracts only. That would add a little more difficulty in terms of inventory management for a payoff of 25% more points.

Thanks for your hard work @Jagex. Excited for costume rooms next week!

29-Aug-2020 12:46:21

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After about 20 contracts of play through:

I am a bit bored of running through the same 4 cities. I do like that the click zones are highlighted for us to fix. I also like that the NPC gives us tea to keep us refreshed and running, but it's the same few NPCs in the same few cities.

I actually would like more expansions, such as in priffdinas, al kharid, or other areas that we unlock through quests. I would be open to having small quests (not miniquests but actual quests) to help mahogany homes open in these expansion areas and we can get a few more points for doing contracts there (I would think these contracts would also be area-specific).

Other than that, the content is fine and I do like it. I am happy with the fashionscape that was released, and I will be going back to grind out the fashionscape when I finish some of my skill grinds.

29-Aug-2020 19:24:10

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