Dark Graceful & Other Changes

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Thanks for the changes. The darker Graceful looks awesome IMHO.

However, I was wondering if there was any (undocumented) change to the Marks of Grace drop rate on Seers circuit? I was consistently receiving one mark per 4-5 laps until the update. Now I'm got one only after 12 laps? Is that right?

Thanks in advance.

13-Aug-2020 11:09:59

Apr Member 2019


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While I'm a fan of the darker graceful, I feel like it is a bit too dark.

Maybe adding in a few more subtle gray accents would help? The top looks like a T shirt to me and the trousers look like vyrewatch legs.

I think the initial version was a little too light grey but this one seems to be pushing it a little too dark.

On that note: I've been a huge fan of the agility skill since way back when and the Sepulchre is definitely my favorite course. Great job

13-Aug-2020 20:20:15

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