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Jan Member 2020


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I think this is not a bad idea at all. My first ventures into slayer were really confusing, especially how certain tasks required a specific piece of equipment.
If this was polled today I would vote 'Yes' on this!

12-Aug-2020 18:09:16



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I suppor this but would really love it if the team:
A) Leave this as a low-impact update to well loved, familiar areas and
B) Leave the puns out of the quest. This ruined RS3 for alot of us when something supposed to be cool, like slayer, became about cheap laughs

12-Aug-2020 20:13:13

Jun Member 2019


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Is there any data for new players, as far as how many try out the game and how many purchase membership? I canít imagine these #ís are great for a game based on nostalgia. If you want to attract new players pvp is the best way imo, and pvp in OSRS sucks. All that said I like the content suggestion. Will vote yes.

12-Aug-2020 21:29:00

Jul Member 2020


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Horrible update, very disappointed.

Very sad to hear that group ironman will be delayed because of this update. This update was announced 3 or 4 Runefests ago and still we don't have the update.

Now it's been announced that group ironman won't be attemped until 2021 (2022 most likely as we know how that works)

I told my friend to start playing OSRS again because group Iron man would be coming out, so he can get a feel for the game. He is now 2 quests away from a quest cape.

This is going to be a 5 or 6 year process by the time it comes out, and with your new schedule group ironman wont be here until late 2022 (using your words and time frame, if we go by history most likely later then that)

To sum things up, I am very disappointed and am no longer trying to wait for Group Iron Man as now I truly believe in my heart it will never come out at this point, history also supports this as it's been many years since you announced it, and now the future is clear as today you announced you will be delaying any group iron man work for a year.

I will be voting no on every single poll until group Iron Man comes out. (If it ever does, at this point I do not think it will ever be a thing)
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12-Aug-2020 22:38:27

May Member 2020


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With all due respect, I agree 100% with the person above me.

Just come out with group iron man.

Group Iron man was suppose to be started many years ago and should have been done by 2018 or early 2019 at latest.

Now we are told it's being pushed into 2021, which means work will be started on December 31 of 2021.
This means the absolute earliest we will be getting the Group Iron Man update is late 2022, going off of the time frame given and the track record.

I don't understand why 100's of updates and poll's are by passing group iron man when you announced it almost a decade ago

12-Aug-2020 22:52:02

May Member 2020


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Is Slayer really that complicated of a skill that a tutorial quest has to be made for it? It's one of the most basic skills that goes as deep as, "kill X number of monster here."

While I'm not against releasing low leveled content to attract players to the members skills, I don't think Slayer would be the one. If anything, I think Farming would be better. I know many people who got overwhelmed coming into members, all of a sudden getting dozens and dozens of different seeds and not knowing what to do with any of them without either prior knowledge or a wiki/player to guide them.

It also seems kind of contradictory that you literally put off boss slayer because you acknowledged how much slayer content has been pushed into the game, only to bring up more slayer content not long after.
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13-Aug-2020 00:33:47

Oct Member 2020


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That new monster looks ugly hell no

This kind of update will keep me unsubscribed from your game

Where the hell is group Ironman and the clan system, the only updates that potentially mattered this year? 2020 bad run for jagex

13-Aug-2020 13:44:36

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