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This thread is for discussing the latest leagues blog that you can find here.
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Fox of Iron
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Great!!! as a League reward suggestion, it should be cosmetic right? how about a League pet!? I would like leagues three times more if there would a or more pet(s) available!

Maybe some league items (I would love to see pins) in the OSRS merchandise shop as well?

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Just to confirm, points acquired in this new league CAN be used to purchase twisted league rewards? As in - Twisted Ornament Kit for the POH?

Just want to be absolutely certain on that point.

New league sounds great, PLEASE DO MORE OF THEM!

14-Aug-2020 12:46:58

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Looking foward to this! Just want to clarify, though, but were pets from Twisted League automatically insured? It's just that the blog says that "insured pets" will carry over...but as you can only insure pets in Ardougne, this would have been a little hard to do last time. ;)

14-Aug-2020 18:54:06

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Pets are tranferred over between leagues.

Roll the dice.
1. A relic that allows monsters to drop 2 sets of loot from their drop table increasing chances of rare drops or multiplying common drops.

2. A relic that charges an ultimate kill similar to the perk found in nightmare zone whereby when activtated you have unlimited special ability for a short duration of time. Or an ability that is charged up by killing monsters and once a certain amount of kills have been done you get to complete a fatality move insta-killing the monster once. useful for slayer monsters or bosses?

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