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73 :joy:

Solid poll questions. I am, however, disappointed with the question about Fossil Island fossils. Instead of giving them a real use - like the proposed Fossil Island boss all those years ago, which would be 'summoned' with fossils - you are now proposing the ability to toggle off the option to receive fossils.

17-Sep-2020 13:37:43

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Looks great, would be very nice if hydra could do an animation or something when it changes its attack style, other than that.

Im guessing there is no plans to change the minimum scale of the nightmare boss, little bit sad about that being in Australia, be lucky to find a team of 3.

Great poll :D

17-Sep-2020 13:50:17

All Skillzz
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All Skillzz

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Solid poll and changes, one change i would propose ontop of the avas change is that currently karil's crossbow and bolt racks are often seen as a huge loss in money for the small dps you gain over rune arrows, and i think karils bow being a tier 70 wep it should not be losing to a tier 50 wep and tier 40 arrows, i think you can make karils bow a lot more popular if you allow the bolt racks to be returned/picked up similar to the rune arrows, i really like the karils bow and its extra max hit over rune arrows is now snuffed out by amythest arrows and its not a very popular wep anymore thanks to that. its also a pretty big pain to buy bolt racks even for an ironman you have to hop many worlds an often time there is no stock.

Just one Qol that can be made to the karil's bow to make it a more popular weapon and overall more worthwhile to use over the already insanely overpowered magic shortbow.

17-Sep-2020 18:51:43

Sand Deity
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Sand Deity

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Why would anyone waste a KQ head on a combat dummy to test the max hit of the keris? Outside of the diary, how is this useful? If someone is capable to kill KQ enough to get her head to drop, chances are they are far beyond the usefulness a Keris would offer, the other options are just as niche but can be justified for their specific purposes I guess. None of these options seem as universal as damage against undead or damage on a slayer task, like we have already.

I'm also a bit disappointed that the solution for people getting too many fossils on fossil island is to just have a toggle where they can just stop getting the fossils. Instead of actually finding a further use for them beyond the museum and prayer exp.
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17-Sep-2020 22:06:04

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"Question #7
Should we lower the reward tier requirement for the permanent ropes to the Kalphite Lair and Kalphite Queen tunnel entrance from the Desert Achievement Diary from Elite to Hard?"

I think these should be polled separately. I'm fine with moving the permanent ropes to the Hard rewards, but the shortcut should stay as an Elite reward. Moving both of them to Hard makes a noticeable dent to the Elite rewards.

18-Sep-2020 10:53:50

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Why does it look to me like soul wars is going to be brushed aside all because of people moaning about it for no reason at all. The minigame is the only reason I decided to play again and to see people bashing it when they don’t ever have to even play it is ridiculous. If the moaners don’t actually get their way it should just be put into the game without a poll as it’s content that you have the option to never play so doesn’t affect anyone.

18-Sep-2020 20:14:21

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