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We need Soul Wars. Many players came back to OS just for this and have been majorly disappointed so far by delays and lack of news. SW should be the main priority for minigames now. 'BurntSoulPvM' is looking for active players no matter of age or experience, everyone is welcome!
Events including PVM Bingo and Skill of The Week. Join us for PVM/PVP/Minigames and much much more!

25-Sep-2020 10:54:16

Stolen Kiss
Dec Member 2018

Stolen Kiss

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you really need to bring back soul wars into osrs and not ability soul wars like you have on rs3 with spot light its not the same at all and I really want the original soul wars back so please put soul wars back that is one content you should have not killed off at all every single mini game is now dead do to spot light . so with that said bring back the original soul wars to osrs and let us have our mini game back a lot of people have quit and refusing to osrs and rs3 due to losing soul wars and I am one of them I want my soul wars back

25-Sep-2020 12:47:58

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I don’t understand all the complaining that is happening with soul wars? Just the announcement that it was coming to old school made me come to os as well as others, bringing older players back to the game again and there is already a mass number of people already playing that would love to see soul wars be a thing. That and so much work has already been put into it to just scrap it. It really doesn’t make much sense to me what so ever. Soul wars would be a great addition to the game and when it does come out even more people will come into the game be it older players or new ones trying it out for the first time. There is no down sides to releasing it besides the handful of people that are going to complain no matter what.

25-Sep-2020 15:20:30

Kuma Shock
Jun Member 2018

Kuma Shock

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Soul wars was a good minigame! Clans warring, PVP, slaying, protecting your own team and even bury bones. I met a lot of nice people at SW pre-eoc and we really need it in OSRS. Please give it a chance and eventually re-work on the rewards?

25-Sep-2020 17:08:32

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25-Sep-2020 17:08:35

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