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hello! , if there is some space for helpfull people i would like to help where i can! i really like to help in events for the players all around! thanks jagex for let me playing this game i play it like 8years and still enjoying it! thanks guys!

18-Apr-2020 13:11:34

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21-Apr-2020 00:20:39

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10-May-2020 01:53:45

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,¸„»°'ˆ ,¸„»°'ˆ PSP Post-Event Survey
Event Attended: Vindicta Boss Mass
Host: Athina & Vakn

Give us a score in each area from 1 to 5!

*5 = Fantastically perfect in every way!

,¸„»°'ˆ ,¸„»°'ˆ The Event:
I saw the event on my in-game calendar 2 hours prior to the event. I never even knew that there was a calendar there (found by left-clinking your in-game clock). The whole event was fun and well-organized! First time joining a PvM event, and it was a lot of fun! We even had one lucky player that received a Dragon Rider Lance drop!

,¸„»°'ˆ ,¸„»°'ˆ The Host:
Athina and Vakn were both involved and informative, and was very helpful when another player did not have enough kill count to join.

Thank you for this lovely event, until next time!^_^

10-Jun-2020 05:30:59

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Athina said:
Hi Terva Legona!

I host on Rs3, and it can be something we can decide together. I mainly do PvM bosses! But we can do minigames, hide and seek instead. :)

Why don't you PM me in game! :)

Hey Athina

I've started playing RS3 again. It's been a long time since I've played the game (I stopped playing RS3 just after EOC was released) and I would like to get back to PvMing & playing RS3 more in general.

I added you in-game, please let me know when you decide to host another event. Would be nice to meet more RS3 players.

17-Jun-2020 20:10:52

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