US midwest disaster during DXP

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Hey there. I'm a midwest player that has had no power for 3 days (since sunday morning till wed morning) and no internet since sunday evening at all. A freak storm hit us in the states and took out our infrastructure for a week or two. I've been able to log in to gain xp in the last day or so as cell towers got back to working order. But it's been rough as I don't get good signal from my cell tower and can't stay logged on via mobile. And I know that a ton of ppl surrounding me still don't have power, let alone internet or obviously dxp. I was wondering if a concession of some sort could be made for those of us suffering without amenities due to a natural disaster for this dxp week? Thank you. -Central and Eastern America

15-Aug-2020 09:09:50

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Sorry to hear about your troubles :|

I live in rural Pennsylvania, and I have this problem kind of too much lol. Usually when the electric goes out it is from wind, or a pole down, or trees on the line, and most times we get power back within a day... but sometimes when there are a lot of downed trees from a bad storm it can be a few days, so we have to have a plan for how to deal with it, because we don't leave home (nowhere to go) and just have to tough it out.

For the last year or so we have had trouble with a weirdness in our internet that the service guys can't seem to resolve; when we have a heavy rainstorm, our internet goes out. The evidence points to a piece of equipment getting soaked, then drying out - which gets us back our internet -- a couple days before the service guys show up 'to fix it'.

So I truly can sympathize with what you have had to deal with.

I have to admit that I never thought to wonder if Jagex would somehow give me a make-up of some sort when I miss because of power or internet outage; I think we might be asking for a little much there, because it would inflict on them the need to verify the events, plus the ethical question of who (if anyone) really should be asked for some kind of compensation when these things happen.

My general thoughts on this are that it isn't Jagex's problem when I can't access the game, and while it may be (very) disappointing to miss an event, I tend to adopt a "this is Life" "ce la vie", and look forward to the next event. And that's the good news... hang in there and hopefully in the not toooooo far distant future we'll have another chance at DXP :)

26-Aug-2020 05:21:46

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