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Fancy the chance to customise your combat experience? From August 26th you'll be able to purchase new cosmetic overrides that flash up whenever you land a critical hit. Simply head over to The Solomon’s General Store to pick yours up, then hit F2 in-game to open the customisation tabs and find your new HitSplat options under the Skill Animations section.

Here's what your critical hits will look like when the Splat Pack is enabled:

The Splat Pack is available for 260 Runecoins for F2P, and 234 Runecoins for members.

The RuneScape Team.

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August has been a fully empty month content-wise, not to mention all the patch weeks before it, and you guys still think it's fine to add more stuff behind additional paywalls than just membership? Come on guys, the revenue you'd lose from runecoin sales would be more than made up for long term with increased membership revenue from the goodwill of scrapping MTX.
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23-Aug-2019 14:23:57

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Need more money again, Jamflex? No content for this entire month, a messed up update this week and 2 MTX promo's in this week, you deserve to lose a lot of players over your incompetence and greediness.

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Desuda said:
This is ridiculous

not really they have something kinda like this in the store already the heroic hitsplats or something.

Half expected this to be a copy of that.
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23-Aug-2019 15:06:37

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