Morality and Philosophy

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As societal creatures, our need to group people and their actions into categories like good and evil is predicated on our own understanding and interpretation of the world. However, in posing the same question that philosophers have struggled with for thousands of years (speaking in Earth-year terms, not Gielinor-terms), definitions of good and evil cannot be transitory. In other terms, you cannot have conditional good and conditional evil. These traits of absolute good and absolute evil can be difficult to define because the world we live exists in shades of grey, not black and white.

In addition, just because you do not subscribe to an understanding of good and evil does not mean you are exempt from its judgement. We should be able to definitively define actions as being good or being evil through the same set of criteria, whether those individuals believe in such actions or carry other purposes. This does of course mean that, in defining actions and ensuing debates about their placement in morality, there will be some points of conventional wisdom that may turn out to be false.

For example, if current philosophy were taken, many people have an understanding of the devastation and damage that war can bring. But if there is war waged for a just purpose, like say a war against a tyrannical overlord, or a war between gods of differing values and beliefs, then either the definition of what a war is would need to change or a redefining of the merits of war would need to happen.

But as a point for changing definitions, it is not a simple fix to keep adding new definitions of actions to account for good versus evil. This is a cop-out of the real discussion, and to corrupt the process through definition litigation would be of spurious intent.

So how does this lead back to lore? Each of the gods claims to support good (their belief) over bad (others). But that debate is too nuanced, and I'm out of characters. Ultimately, it's a discussion for another time.

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I'd disagree with you on the idea that good and evil are only based in philosophy.

Good is generally in the simplest terms, what ever is best for your group that secures it's survival and propagation/Reproduction/expansion be it physical things like a people or philosophical things like ideas/religion ect.
Only recently this has been disagreed with in some western nations for whatever reason.

Evil is usually what destroys or damages such things.

Take for example the Islamic conquering of Europe a long time ago, or Ghengas Khan conquering a large Region. Another example would be Japan invading China or Napoleon's expansion.
While there was some morality involved, that was only secondary.
You know, that Dagoth Ur fellow has got some valid points.

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Yes, yes. Morality is subjective and difficult to define. I enjoyed reading your OP. It's very well-written and thought-provoking. I took interest in your statement

"In addition, just because you do not subscribe to an understanding of good and evil does not mean you are exempt from its judgement."

Would this have any meaning for Jas and the elder goddesses, who can wipe out the
universe and all who inhabit it at a whim? Should humans be accountable by the standards of ants when we nonchalantly step on them while walking and not even notice?

If no, this means that a sufficient amount of power and authority over a group, such as the relationship between elder goddesses and humans and that of humans and ants, allows you to kill them without any repercussions - in other words, might makes right. Social Darwinism.

If yes, this means that the standards of all beings, no matter how incompatible they may be with each other and no matter the ability of those who hold such standards to enforce them, must be considered. Even those of ants.
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The fact that our character makes slaying various creatures a regular aspect of their journey makes the whole morality bit kind of hilarious in context. Morality in Runescape is weeeeeeeeeeeeird Click here for ideas on exploring other worlds, specifically the human homeworld Teragard. This one's me baby

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