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A Mighty

A Mighty

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^As do I!

What was this section like? I never had visited it but if I knew it was available I totally would have.

It was a collection of short stories you could read on the website. Really had no reason for being removed. However, you should still be able to read all of them on the Wiki. Whether or not they're canon anymore is a different story, and one I'd like to see clarification on..
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10-Jan-2020 06:20:30

Visenya 1st

Visenya 1st

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Qwis7 said:
No lore no RS.

Really the main thing in RS is the lore without it its just a plain money grabber like a crane on a carnaval.

That's how the current executives, the Chinese bastards see the game, as a cashcow to milk dry until Jagex shuts it down.

They don't give a fuck about lore or quests or anything important.

Fuck them. Fuck the Chinese overlords. Someday I hope we'll be free of them and lore will be made great again.
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19-Jan-2020 04:08:43

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I'd recommend Jagex add a link under "Game Guide" to the wiki pages for lores and histories. Even if it's not frequented, it would hardly take up any computing power and would just be an homage to the lore that has made this game what it is. Click here for ideas on exploring other worlds, specifically the human homeworld Teragard. This one's me baby

19-Jan-2020 23:04:56

Ian Adler
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Ian Adler

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Has Jagex offered any explanation as to why it was taken down?
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16-Feb-2020 03:27:59

FiFi LaFeles
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FiFi LaFeles

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Only that the section required upkeep and Jagex are no longer prepared to do the upkeep.
Whether that's because they don't have sufficient staff to do it, or sufficient interest in it .... who knows?

Whilst I would not say that I was ever a Lorehound as such, it seems such a shame to just dump something that was so utterly unique and lifted Runescape out of the run of the mill, usual hack 'n' slash game genre.

Oh well, that's progress for ya.
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17-Feb-2020 15:27:09

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