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Possible names for units of currency larger than a "bar":

- Talent - used more in ancient Mediterranean cultures for Gold and Silver. A Greek, or Attic talent, was 26 kilograms (57 lb). Roman Talent was 30.3kg (70lb)

- Ingot - Though used in Artisan's Workshop and not necessarily a defined measure of weight

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The Ritual to Protect the Bars

When the latest version of the highest currency in the land was requisition, Wizard's Tower was naturally asked to create not only the protection spells for the bars, but also to help in the creation of the bars themselves, buy magically superheating and purifying the bars in every step of the process.

The challenge however was two-fold:
How do we create such a ritual that is so complex and precise?
How do we protect the knowledge of it?

A pair of unknown senior mages in the Tower were each given this unenviable task.

The Ritual

The ritual itself is rather straightforward. A group of [redacted] mages circles the bar.
Each mage has their own particular, and specific, role to play in the process. Whether it be superheating the impurities, casting various enchantments, adding protective wards, or other hidden aspects.

Over the years, acolytes who took part in the process tended to note that the process seemed ... overly complicated ... but Archmages and other magi would simply reassure the young mages that there was a reason behind everything.
It wasn't until later, when the acolytes become senior mages, that their observations were correct.
The wizard who created this ritual expanded upon the basics of the Icynic Purge.
Creating each bar does indeed require a massive amount of magical energy. But while the Purge is used in a single concentration, the ritual is instead carefully woven into each layer of the bar. Much like some of the more exotic metal smithing techniques is folded and set upon itself. So to are the magical energies carefully layered into the bar.

The variations of Super Heat and Enchantments are also intentionally different from their base versions. Outside of the ritual, the variations are impractical for enchanting jewelry or heating an ore.

In addition, the ritual was simplified such that almost any Tower acolyte could learn their role.

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The wizard responsible for security was known at the time to be ... paranoid. That behavior was reflected in the level of security applied to protecting the ritual.

The wizard knew from their counterpart how many parts the ritual would be broken down to.
Thus the wizard started by creating several sets of parchment for each part of the ritual. That way, in the event 1 parchment was lost, other copies would still exist.
Next, a cipher was created for each part of the ritual. Only certain mages within the Tower would have access to each cipher. With each cipher being unique that a certain parchment, no one person could know the rest.

The next stages of security were more mundane.
Each parchment, and their copies, would be stored in different locations. Thus it would be difficult for any one person to gain a full copy of the ritual, and each copy would add redundancy.

Finally, each wizard who learned the ritual would be prevented from having combat based duties. Usually, the wizards selected for learning the ritual were more scholarly and introverted than their counterparts, but still had great potential. These had the ideal mindset for being able to perform repetitive spells over a great deal of time. Then by quietly assigning the wizards to libraries or long term, and well protected, research projects, the current wizard's who knew the spells could be quietly isolated from leaking information and still be well guarded.
For each wizard who learned this ritual, in time they realized that it would be a duty they carried out for life.
Should a wizard who knew part of the ritual pass, another acolyte would simply be picked to take their place.

The final stage of security was one even considered extreme by the Tower, the two wizards who created the protection and the ritual agreed to have their memories erased. Other senior wizards were taught the general theory behind their respective aspects.

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Those details about the security and ritual would stay amongst the most senior mages of the Tower. Alas, the two wizards, in their bid to protect their work, overdid it with their attempts to remove their memories, and thus wiped most of their magical knowledge. Both were retired to an unnamed village.
After years of study, the Tower realized that they may not be able to recreate the entire ritual if needed. Individual roles could be recreated based on the observations and the known applications of magic. But they would be forced to create an entirely new ritual should something happen to the parchments AND the majority of the mages currently assigned to the ritual.

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