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Looking for New Clan Leaders! 08/10/19 Contact me on game or discord. AngelBarbela#9379

Our Mission Statement,

We want to create an embracing environment, to share information, and to help us all evolve positively. We hope to maintain a warm welcoming virtual escape from real life. We want people to know they have friends who are happy to see them log onto the game.

You will find, we care about our clan mates. We do not expect anyone to be perfect, but we do expect respect, as well as personal responsibility.

**We have a tier 7 citadel, with 7 skills! **
**Our Citadel is Maxed! No need to cap in order to rank up!**
**Thanks to EVERYONE who helped get us here! =D <3**
*We utilize Discord.*
*We Boss.*
*We Skill.*
*We Dung.*
*Just want to be social, or want to be more involved, we got something for you.*
*We are equal opportunity inclined.*
*We do not discriminate on race, cexual orientation, religion, or gender.*
*We are LGBTQ friendly*
*We are International.*

We aspire to recruit positive friendly people!

At this time, we are looking for positive people with deep inclinations to lead, and help organize our clan.

We are in need especially of pvm leaders, who have experience in end game bossing, who have patience in teaching, and who truly are not an elitist.

Please pm me in game if either you are looking to help us lead/organize, or looking to join our clan.

Need to know more about us? Please check out our Runeclan page, and click the links in our shoutbox.

More to follow,


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Clan Rules, you ask?! First its a given, follow all the codes of conduct set by Jagex. Duh. =P

Clan Rules

1) Be respectful of each other. Joking and cursing is allowed. (If someone feels offended, and asks that the subject is changed, please respect their wishes.) However keep in mind we are not a Victorian Age Clan. If you are easily offended by adult situations, then we may not be the clan for you.

2) We do not player kill clan mates, unless it is a planned game, between all parties involved.

3) Please respect higher ranks than you. If an admin and above asks for a topic to cease, do not question their motive. If you must, pm them, and discuss the issue. Do not be an ass to admins+. People who have higher ranks, have them for a reason. They put in a lot of time, and effort into the clan. Please respect their commitment to the clan. Imagine, YOU were the one who put in a lot of work, but a wise ass came to disrespect you. We will not tolerate an anarchist’s want to disrupt our order.

4) We will not allow guests into our clan chat nor our discord. This is to protect us all. Blocking guest access helps us control scammers from seeing who to prey upon. If we open up guesting for friends of clanmates, it opens it up to ALL strangers.

5) Do not beg your clan mates for gifts, or money.

6) You can NOT have any of your clan mates on ignore.

7) We will not use our ranks to belittle those under us. It will not be permitted to demote someone for a joke.

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8) Although it is nice to be able to loan money or items. Do not do this, expecting to get a return. Sometimes a person for whatever reason, never pays you back. So if you loan, it is best to get in the mindset that you will never see that money again. If they pay you back, then great! In essence loan at your own discretion, for the clan is not responsible for those who do not pay you back. You are under no obligation to loan anyone, anything, ever. Loan only what you are prepared to lose, just in case you never see that money again.(edited)

9) You must follow Jagex rules. You can not lure, spam chat, share your account, nor scam people. You will be warned on your first offence. After you will be kicked from the clan.

10) If you see any of your clan mates behave badly, even an admin, then screenshot what you have seen, and send it to me, or any of the upper admins. We can not always go along with you said, they said. We must see proof, or no action can be justified.

11) If you feel you are being harassed by a clan mate, then screen shot your experiences, and send them to me or upper admin. If you get booted, but you feel this to be a grave injustice to you, screen shot the conversation prior to you being kicked, or the lack of any warning, and send to me. Also in case you are brought back into the clan, go to runeclan website, as soon as possible to screen shot your clan xp. Runeclan usually will keep your record in a clan for at least 30 minutes after a boot. Though get to it, right after your clan chat screenshot and explosion from the clan.

11) If you leave the clan on your own, but decide to come back, you will be given just one more chance. If you leave again, then that is a done deal. If you were booted out of the clan for bad behavior, then that too, is a done deal. Meaning your time with us, is over.

12) Rules are subject to change, and be updated, as our clan

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