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If as the update post suggests, this is based off one player exploiting the system then it makes no sense to me. That account had to be made expressly for that purpose, traded all the right materials, all the right animals, animal foods and so on. You cannont start an account and get that far that fast without tons of outside help from other accounts.

Could that account even construct the pens? NO Its FAKE
You need 60 CON to make large pens it has 22 CON TOTALLY FAKE PIC
That account can't even construct medium pens.

23-Jul-2019 18:44:44

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I think the Nerf should have been Just through the exp received on harvesting. Reducing breed rates reduces the amount of upkeep you need to do, which is exactly the opposite of what they said they want. If anything, breed rates should be INCREASED, and exp/beans decreased. A proper trait inheritance system would help too.

23-Jul-2019 19:03:03

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The update is stupid on all counts. RNG content made even more unbalanced is not the answer. The RNG gods hate me and I am trying to finish the achievements and unlocks; not get those magic beans to farm with at all.

I have 115 farming and have some farming stuff included in my daily routine. I just want to finish the PoF related content and move on, but I cannot get the stupid animals to breed the correct babies to finish the log or finish the achievements.

So, now, if I can't get the babies I need within the next month, I am pretty much ******* (I censored myself).

Why are the breeding rates nerfed when they want to reduce the beans received??? The achievements are all RNG based and not reliant on the # of beans or XP gained. Most of the achievements are related to breeding specific babies, some of which need specific traits; not the stupid # of beans they give.

Why are they going to make it even harder to finish the achievements??? They also said that those markers, etc. would not be used for anything. I admit that I don't really care for the happiness/wellness of my animals and only care about whether or not they breed the babies I need. But, I don't have the time to spend on that content due to the other dailyscape content Jagex forces us to do in order to complete other content, like grinding the new island of confusion they just released.

They keep releasing huge areas that have tons of new content when many of us have been working to complete the content they already have. I am not saying to not release new content, but releasing huge areas that require their own sets of achievements with time-gated or grinding-based requirements is not the answer to everyone's requests for new content. It is pretty much the same stuff recolored with tiny tweaks over and over again.

Also, what is the point of unlocking the ability to breed in the pens if we cannot actually breed in the pens. They are already limited to the # of babies you can have already.

23-Jul-2019 19:28:07

Mini JIT
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Mini JIT

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Funmomy said:
What about the 1 million bean accomplishment? This would take a player more than 1 year with 1 dragon every 10 days in a breeding pen and 1 dragon every 50 days in a normal pen, 1 zygo every 25 days in a regular pen, 1 chin every 5 days in a regular pen.

All it's going to do is sky-rocket the GE value of unchecked animals so that people can buy this accomplishment.

Magic beans are the problem. Why would I plant a normal magic tree and wait 24 hours for it grow when I can plant 1 every 5 minutes? That means I could plant 288 trees in a 24 hour period. It's way more likely that someone got 99 by planting magic seeds than from animals.

If they need to make adjustments, they should decrease xp and nerf magic beans, not change breeding rates.

Lowering the amount of animals coming in by lowering breading chances will auto fix the xp and bean problem, they both go hand in hand.

Why would unchecked ge value skyrocket? Most people who buy animals would buy adolescent ones with player 2 player trade for the most amount of beans which they can quickly resell without worrying about feeding and looking after them. If anything the price of happy/healthy adolescents will go up not the random unchecked.

Edit: Why would you only get a dragon every 10 days in breading pen? It says breading pen will remain unchanged.

23-Jul-2019 20:30:26 - Last edited on 23-Jul-2019 20:34:25 by Mini JIT

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Why change it based on "xp rates" after all this time? I understand changing mechanics based on the game evolving, but "it's too fast/easy" doesn't really fly as a reason any more, especially when it's been let like this for this long.

23-Jul-2019 22:44:27

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Experience from Player Owned Farms is now modified by the health and happiness of the animal on checking, ranging from 10% to 70% of the original value, based on how well cared for the animal is.
- This can be a pretty huge nerf for exp

Breeding in non-breeding pens is 5 times less likely to succeed and 5 times slower, the current breeding rate remains the same in the breeding pen.
- So, this means what? Super low chance to breed dragons and it will now take 3.5 days for a chance at breeding 1?

Food rate has been modified, so small animals each need 1 food every 18 minutes, medium animals need 3 food every 36 minutes and large animals each 6 food every 54 minutes.
Trait hereditary nature has been increased. It is now easier to breed traits into animals born on the Player Owned Farm.
- Idk what the food rates right now are but those rates seem pretty high especially for price of food for zygos

Shiny boosting traits have all been doubled in effectiveness.
- These already have a pretty low chance so that will be a nice change

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