How many blue phats are left?

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punkrock9111 said:
Summa†Logica said:
mlune/punkrock9111 = same person btw
if anyone misssed it
says it all

I don't have any alts. I'm sure if you looked and compared our forum profiles, you would see we are entirely different people. I barely have time to play, let alone having multiple accounts. I couldn't even imagine.

Anyway, please stay on topic.

The question this thread asks is: how many blue partyhats are left in active circulation?

so you entire theory of 3-7 active blue phats is based on your in game observations
now we've already established your market knowledge is 0 cuz as it comes to it you just dodge those questions
now you're telling you barely have time to play
this simply tells you pulled those numbers out of you ass and that you're completely clueless as opposed to ppl that sit in w2 ge for hours
keep digging yourself a hole

14-Feb-2020 14:36:52

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Lol I donít post on the forums on any other account of mine because I want all profits for myself. Never met this fella in my life. I manip in-game, 100% for my own gain. Everyone who merches does. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Manip is different than scamming. The communityís definition of manip is buying out an item, the price increases, then sells stock onto other smaller stockpilers. This isnít a manip thread, nor is the white phat thread which Punkrock has slammed.

Also, I have established I have a ton of accounts, so idk where you get we are the same person lol.

Edit: when you can afford a blue, or have traded a blue, or have any semblance of market knowledge whatsoever, you can speak to me. Until then, Iím off this thread because itís become toxic. Good luck with your 2m flips.
Flipped exactly 10k LotD :D Break time

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It is not lost on me that the goal of Summa Logica and World 0 is to disrupt and derail this thread by creating an unappealing and hostile environment for others, that makes this thread impossible to function as intended.

Therefore, from now on, I will respond to all troll comments with a simple, and consistent "Stop trolling, please. Stay on topic. The question of this thread asks: 'How many blue partyhats are left in active circulation?'"

I will no longer feed these trolls. You will have to get your kicks on another thread. ;)

So guys, what do we think? How many blue partyhats are left in active circulation?

16-Feb-2020 17:07:04

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