How many white phats are left?

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boidaez said:

if a person has blue, they'll probs wear that over other colours, if you see people wearing a blue doesn't mean that person doesn't have multiple blue or mixes of colours in bank or on safer side accounts

He said that white was superior fashionscape wise so if you see more ppl wearing blue that's not the case, why i said he should go count hats in max guild. I wasn't saying there was a link between what ppl wear and rarity...

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There are, at the minimum, three to four times as many white partyhats, in game, as there are blues - strictly speaking in terms of traded, in-circulation hats. We can see this simply in the number of confirmed, traded partyhats on the forums, over the course of any given month.

And no, the number of blue partyhats you can count people wearing at the Max Guild doesn't have any bearing on rarity. It is just fasionscpe preference: as people have mentioned, blue is the partyhat people are most likely to wear, as it is the most expensive, and the most prestigious hat for people to want to show off. I own many, many green partyhats, for instance, but you will only ever see me in game with my blue partyhat on my head. ^_^

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