Meowsketeer's set - Price?

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VRT Zendmast
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VRT Zendmast

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Tuck Seedo said:
i was originally looking for how much the set was but then got quite interested in it and ended up buying a set!

Wauw, really? Super interesting, thanks for sharing! Can you please make a documentary about your behaviour? Definitly would get into Cannes and with a bit of luck win the Palme d'Or. Just don't melt it for money and keep it somewhere nice.

19-Feb-2020 06:54:10

Tuck Seedo
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Tuck Seedo

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My apologies for offending your delicate senses. And thank you for taking the time to make a comment as it shows that you are actively invested in what is happening with my online adventure. Much the same as my responding to you shows, I hope... how much I care about you and your well being. Sooo.... you ok? everything all right little fella? You seem tense-ish?

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