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@PvM freak

Trades cannot be disproved via the forums, therefore if an Fmod removes said post containing dodgy prices, they will be accused of "power abuse" since they don't have the tools necessary to check if the post is actually legit. Sure it may be very obvious, but since some trades can happen with prices way out of line with other trades, they aren't allowed to remove them.

The only way action can be taken is if a Jmod looks into their accounts, but since there are multiple ways to avoid being 100% sure of manipulation, Jmods also can't take action. Since most of these dodgy trades don't even take place in the G.E, it makes it even harder to detect because people sell at whatever prices they want.

16-Feb-2020 22:56:14

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Wake said:
Bought yellow from Extremption foor 383m shards and 125m gp (9700m)


Confirmed ^

to Solly Wolly 9.7B

Sold BSH for 5420M to No Clue Men

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Mlune said:
PvM freak said:
(Name removed) stop manip, im tired of your bs on every page, idk if you cant afford a partyhat and therefore is trying to lower prices, or just manip, but cut it off. no clue how you can still be allowed here, its been going on for a while.

I know this post will be removed, so I’m going to say this so people can read it before it is removed. It is because fmods got fired and were replaced by evil spirits. I sold a yellow 10.2 today, and in no way does (Name Removed) speak for the community. It’s disgusting how much of a hold, how much brainwashing went into these people, and nothing is nor “can be” done about it.

I know this post will be removed.

So wrong lol. I left it as an educational post and reminder to the whole Community to do extensive research. More you do the better you will feel.

I just edited out the user names to stop flaming. ;)

Also No Evil Spirits on the F-Mod team. Trust Me. ;)
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