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The problem is not size its how bold the wording is on the screen.
Player/People have a hard time reading the wording from being to thin and should be a little thicker. They sized it down to fit more text words on screen chat-boxes and this does not help anyone but Jagex, not have to re-program the in-game chat features.

I can agree this has been a issue for a long-time that does not effect me but I do notice once I get tired. The wording starts to hurt your eyes trying to pay attention to more than one thing on screen.

You can already re-size your chat-box with windows tools but that should not be the case and the game should offer this feature without having to use your OS tools to see the screen at a larger size...

I don't see your guys point and its really none sense and BS how you guys lie to get your point a crossed. If you can not read the screen you should be wearing your glasses to play... you have two sides...

So if you going to fight the point to make this type of action happen on game. Than just say. I dont feel like putting on glasses to read the chat-box as it makes me tired playing for long periods of time. This is what it does to people, and even more if they had to work all day and come back home and be tired and wanted to get on game.

I support this add-on into "RuneScape 3"
- I dont not support the user that come up with reasons to just say BS that comes to mind just make a chat point, that has no real effect on them in the first place and they know it.

------------------------- >>>> AT JAGEX <<<< -------------------------

- ALSO I HAV NEVER SAW A GOLD POST BY JAGEX ON A TOPIC LIKE THIS SO WHERE THE HELL IS JAGEX WORKERS? I know not reading are requests... This is a basic add-on and over the years I see this request get ignored over and over again... I have saw this request over 300 times with large support by the community and nothing is ever done... DO THEY CARE TO explain why its always ignored?

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Mod Kelpie said:
Still not a Ninja Fix, you are asking in the wrong forum.

The Jmod is correct, this team is all about adjustments inside the game menu boxes and tweaking of Item and gear re-balances and bank tabs, graphical re-works and character amination I believe a couple of them know how to do it at the time and was put into the ninja team to give them extra work. You get the idea. The IT game engine team is the one that works on the inside of the game and it really should of been passed along ages ago. They are normally very busy working on the game engine, and im not sure how the chat is interlinking in the game. So they do not have much time to give everyone a reply to everyones comments on the forums.

They have Jagex community workers that make a list of community requests at the board meetings and this allows them to give feedback to us. This is how it used to work out. The Jagex staff community worker member made a short player request list and picked what they thought was the best out of hundreds of ideas.

I would like to see this happen again. I feel this was highlighting the community feedback and made us all feel we where being apart of the game community more and we where being listened too better as, we rarely see gold posts on forums now days.

Alright I completed all my feedback now. :-)

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