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Mod Kelpie said:
Still not a Ninja Fix, you are asking in the wrong forum.

The Jmod is correct, this team is all about adjustments inside the game menu boxes and tweaking of Item and gear re-balances and bank tabs, graphical re-works and character amination I believe a couple of them know how to do it at the time and was put into the ninja team to give them extra work. You get the idea. The IT game engine team is the one that works on the inside of the game and it really should of been passed along ages ago. They are normally very busy working on the game engine, and im not sure how the chat is interlinking in the game. So they do not have much time to give everyone a reply to everyones comments on the forums.

They have Jagex community workers that make a list of community requests at the board meetings and this allows them to give feedback to us. This is how it used to work out. The Jagex staff community worker member made a short player request list and picked what they thought was the best out of hundreds of ideas.

I would like to see this happen again. I feel this was highlighting the community feedback and made us all feel we where being apart of the game community more and we where being listened too better as, we rarely see gold posts on forums now days.

Alright I completed all my feedback now. :-)

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On a high resolution monitor most games don't need us to change our settings to read normal texts...

As people slowly don't play Runescape, and they add new features wondering why everyone left, it is because we can't read your game anymore. O_o

Plus if we look at newer games, they go for big impact fonts, as it invites a more exciting game play. ;)
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Yeah, I wish Jagex was more attentive to these forums. This idea seems like it should garner universal support, and I think it has. Click here for ideas on exploring other worlds, specifically the human homeworld Teragard. This one's me baby

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Support. Not everyone has good eyesight. I can imagine the game being more appealing for a larger number of players if text boxes and text size could be altered universally as a UI integration perhaps.

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*cries* and this STILL hasn't been implemented for those who play on a monitor with higher resolution :-( *cries some more* Things may be looking down now, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel;
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02-Oct-2019 22:20:47

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I *so* totally support this!!!

I have a deteriorating eye condition. An option for larger text, especially in the chat windows, would improve things substantially for me.

Another thing I would love to see as an auxiliary to this would be an option to PERMANENTLY alter my skybox/filter settings to one clearly visible option. As things are now, I need to reset these filters every time I enter an area. This is merely annoying in places such as Draynor, but varyingly inconvenient in areas with aggressive monsters, such as god wars or the fight caves.

06-Oct-2019 01:24:53

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